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Pet Scoop: Puppy Survives Swallowing 8-Inch Knife, Wolfhound Wins Longest Tail Title

Macie the puppy survives after swallowing an 8-inch kitchen knife, an Irish Wolfhound gets the Guinness World Record for the longest tail, the FDA warns that a skin cancer cream can be lethal to pets and more animal news.

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Natasha Ashton: Pets in the White House: Why the First Family Should Include Furry Friends

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Disturbing Video From "A Dog’s Purpose" Emerges

The makers of the upcoming movie, 'A Dog’s Purpose,' are facing a backlash after TMZ posted a video that appears to show one of the movie’s canine actors performing under duress.

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Bernie Shine: "A Dog's Purpose" Is Not To Be Abused in a Movie

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The Petmate Retracting Litter Pan is an extra-large capacity litter pan, ideal for multi-cat homes or larger cats. The innovative retracting visor rolls up for easy access for quick scooping and helps reduce litter scatter.

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Cold Weather Safety Tips For Your Pets

As temperatures drop and the bitter cold of winter approaches extra precautions need to be taken to keep our furry friends safe. To prevent frost... Read More >

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