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kennels + carriers

curvations pet retreat

A stylish and convenient way to take pets to and from vet appointments, grooming and more, the Pet Retreat features 360 degree ventilation and a machine-washable plush pad that provides a comfortable place for four-legged travelers to rest and view the scenery around them. Available in fashionable designs and perfect for stylish dogs up to 10 pounds.

Petmate does not sell directly to the public, nor do we sell online through this Web site. We encourage you to print out your "wish list" of products, visit your local pet store and ask for Petmate by name!

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  • Rhonda

    After taking our time to get a new puppy, we finally did it. Mitzy, our mini Doxie’s -potty training has been a breeze – sleeping at night has not. (Until now).

    This Curvations kennel has SAVED us! We tried everything before this bed. No other crate worked, nor did sleeping with us. From the minute she went into your kennel, she was sleeping like a baby. She did cry for a few minutes (new puppies do), but the ventilation, the curve and room to move around is so comfy for pets. Our puppy took right to the soft bed. Feels like one of her siblings snuggled in with her.

    I appreciate that the sides are made of soft, but durable material. This puts an end to those hard, plastic crates, or flimsy, cloth carriers. We are fans here!

    Feel free to use any part of this testimonial in advertising. Our mini Doxie thanks you and so do we.

  • Michelle Balsamo

    I truly don’t know what I would do without the Curvations kennel! I have 2 Yorkies: an old girl and a 12 month old female puppy.
    They both LOVE it! One or the other is almost always in it, sometimes both! They sleep in it, play in it, and I put them in it and buckle them in the back seat of my car for trips to Grandma and the groomer!

    I also had problems getting the puppy to settle down at night, until I tried Curvations, it worked like a charm! I love it so much, I am going back to the store and buying a couple more, to keep in storage, just in case! (I am already on my second kennel!)
    Please don’t stop making them!

  • Terry

    We had to move from California to Iowa with our 3 Siamese cats. My husband set up the back of the SUV with a dog divider so they could roam around the back in safety. We wanted them to have access to their litter tray, water and crunchies as we traveled. The dog divider had a door so I could scoop the poop in route without fear of them escaping.
    I bought 2 of these soft sided Curvations® kennel carriers because that was all they had at the store. The fact that they store flat appealed to me. We placed them in the back of the SUV with the carrier doors open and for the 3 days of travel 2 cats would curl up together in one, the third cat went into the 2nd Curvations® carrier. I couldn’t believe how much they preferred the Curvations® carrier as opposed to their 3rd plastic carrier with a soft bed in it.
    I know these soft sided carriers made this trip bearable for them and us. I keep one with the door open at home now because the cats seem to like it as a pet bed… It’s also great that it stores flat for us.
    This is a great product! Thanks

  • Alan Skobin

    Both our puppy and my wife love our Curvations carrier. My wife loves the stylish look, and our puppy loves the comfort and ability to see what is going on. We use it chiefly as a transporter, but have found that our puppy loves to take a nap in the Curvations carrier even more than her comfortble metal crate. She loves to get into the Curvaions, and is quet even during long drives.

    Our only complaint is that she is now 10 lbs, and we need a medim Curvations and cannot find any. Oh,shedid put a small hole in the mesh, but it hs not become larger.

  • Susan

    Absolute best most cat-accepted carrier I have found. Squeaky still doesn’t like to ride, but he is much calmer in this one. He even naps in it at home. Thank you. I plan to buy more for my daughter’s cats.

  • Linda Schulz

    I love this carrier. It comes completely apart for cleaning, it’s attractive, spacious, versatile. What more do you need?

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