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auto feeding + watering

deluxe fresh flow

The Deluxe Fresh Flow® is a purifying pet fountain providing filtered water throughout the day. Perfect for multiple cat or dog households that love fresh flowing water, this award-winning fountain features a unique, patented no-splash water-slide. The re-circulating flow and filter provides naturally cool and oxygenated water, attracting pets to drink more in order to help promote their health and well-being. The Deluxe Fresh Flow has a modern design created to blend in with today’s kitchen appliances. Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes, each unit comes with a replaceable charcoal filter. Change filter every 30 days to ensure freshness.

Replacement filters available.

Petmate does not sell directly to the public, nor do we sell online through this Web site. We encourage you to print out your "wish list" of products, visit your local pet store and ask for Petmate by name!

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  • Brandon Wright

    He Loves it It has promoted him to drink more often and drink more than normal…. Its Great Product and did not even pay full price :) I highly Reccomend it

  • Chuck Provow

    This is the best product! Our three cats love it. Each has a different spot they drink from. “Bear” a Russian Blue, likes the slide, “Lizy” an American short hair likes the top of the slide and “Haylee” lian Oslot likes the bowl. Thank you for your great product. The only problem is finding replacement filters. Our local Petmart doesn’t carry them any more. Thanks – Chuck

  • Dorothy Burrell

    my cat pickles love the deluxe fresh flow, she use to drink out of the washroom sink so my husband and i would have to get up and turn it on for her, ever since we got the deluxe fresh flow she has drank out out if it and also drinks more then she would on a regular basis

  • Christopher Stroud

    I have two cats and I must say they were a bit nervouse at first with the Fresh Flow Watering Machine but, a little ingenuity and they are using it just fine. What I did was to place their feed bowls next to it so they got used to it and the low hum it makes. Lucky, my oldest cat, seemed to take right to it. However Misty was the more difficult one to convince but has now seenit is not a monster that is going to chomp on her! I like the ease of care and maintenance needed to maintain the machine also. It is so very nice to know my wee bairns will always have a nice fresh filtered supply of water to drink. Now if I can only convince Misty to drink the normal way instead of paw dipping!
    With Reagards,
    Lucky,Misty and Chris

  • Darcie

    About a year ago, we almost lost our cat due to a bladder blockage. We were told he needed to drink more water so we purchased the Fresh Flow. He is always drinking water! We were afraid he wouldn’t accept it but he seems to really like it and has not had any more health issues.

  • Shannon

    Our vet recommended a water fountain to help one of the older cats drink more water. ALL 6 cats now will not drink from their regular water dishes. I can’t keep the medium size Fresh Flow filled often enough – twice a day is not enough! I am buying at least one of the Large size and maybe two if I am still refilling the reservoir more than once a day. And i appreciate how easy it is to fill the reservoir. I am not mechanically inclined and I love how easy this is.

  • kristi

    Ive had this for yrs! Both dogs and cats love it! Is definitely worth the money! Especially in multi animal households!

  • Susan K

    We figured out a long time ago why the cats were always in the tub or toilet, it was the fresh water they were after. We have 3 cats, ranging in age from 1 yo to 12. The youngest has an issue with the petflo we have right now where he is actually able to knock the lid off and pull the filter out. We had designed a wall so he couldnt do it any longer He still tries but instead will turn the dish over creating a huge mess. This new design looks like it will take care of that once and for all.

  • Steve

    I have 4 of these… I started using them in 2003. Every cat that I have had has had no problem using them. I had some cracks in the bottle cap and I was sent replacements. I just received 2 of the replacement pumps and they are better then the originals …

  • R

    Yeah they may love it but it gets moldy in oh so hard to clean places not the easiest thing to clean and mold….in all lil compartments people take a very close look in every lil crevise!

  • Carol Mancilla

    Six years ago I was taking one of my 3 cats to the vet every month for an urinary infection. As part of their treatment, my vet suggested I purchase a water fountain for them to use. I purchased a Petmate water fountain, and since then, I’ve had only one cat have one instance of urinary infection. They drink from it all the time. I wanted to purchase a second fountain, but purchased another brand. Not only did the cats not use it as much, but it formed a leak form, and I had to throw it out. I replaced it with another Petmate fountain and the cats and I love it too. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in keeping their pets healthy and happy.

  • Kathy Landrey

    Barnabus has always put his paw in the water bowl and jerked it or bumped his head against the bowl until he could get the water moving. I dont’ know if he can’t see the water or just likes it moving. The Petmate has saved a lot of walls and carpets. He loves it.

  • Robert

    W were worried about our two cats using this but we have noticed a huge increase in their water consumption. We are very pleased with this product and highly recommend it – even for the most fussy cats.

  • Marlene

    This fountain SUCKS. I have gone through 3 in less than 2 years. I just decommissioned the latest one today. The water was not being moved through the pump and down the slide. AND for some reason the water was no longer coming out of the tank. I am not sure why I have had such bad luck but the pump problem has been the same for ALL 3 units. It was great until it started to malfunction.

  • cmm

    I have had this for almost ten years, no issues until now. The water holder must have gotten weak from the sun, and now has a crack. Sad to see you do not have a replacement part.

  • Kevin

    I own 2 of these units and going to purchase another. just noticed they sell them in black! hides the water line build up. all 3 orange tabby cats, Tigger, TaZ and Ryu love them! saves on vet bills when you know there drinking lots of water before there adventures.

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