Dogs find a lot of joy in playing fetch. They love to chase objects and drop them right at their humans feet. Fetch not only benefits the dog but the human too. Below are reasons why dogs fetch, why it is important, training tips, and the best fetching toys.

Why Do Dogs Fetch?

Dogs fetch because it is their instinct, it creates a bond with their human, and it increases exercise. It is a dog's instinct to chase after a squirrel or bunny is encoded in them because of their ancestors. Before dogs became the family household pet, they were wild animals who roamed in packs and had to chase after and hunt for their food. Because of this, today's dogs enjoy fetching toys.

Fetching also creates a bond between the pet and the pet parent. With this bond you create with your dog, comes trust. When your dog trusts you and you trust them, you can move throughout your day and not have to worry about your dog exhibiting problematic behaviors.

Playing fetch not only stimulates the dog but the human too since it's a great form of exercise for both dogs and their pet parents. Exercise stimulates dogs both mentally and physically, which can reduce the risk of obesity and boredom. Since dogs sleep for the majority of the day, fetching is a great way for them to get active.

The Benefits of Fetching

There are many benefits to your dog playing fetch. It creates mental, emotional, and physical stimulation. Dogs can become bored and frustrated without mental stimulation and when they don't have something that challenges them mentally, behavioral problems can arise such as excessive chewing, excessive barking, and more. Fetching is a fun way for your dog to release their energy and it forces them to think and concentrate on retrieving the ball. If you have to skip a game of fetch for a day or two, that's okay! Just be sure to provide your dog with puzzle-treat toys to keep them entertained.

Fetching also enhances emotional stimulation for your dog. It can improve their mood and behavior as well as give them something to engage in. Playing fetch is also beneficial for the pet parent too as it's been proven that outside time with your dog can boost your mood and even help with depression. Watching your dog's excitement can also release feelings of happiness.

Lastly, fetch creates physical stimulation and is the perfect way to get your dog active. Playing at least one game of fetch a day for just 20 minutes a day will help your dog keep off the extra weight, help their joints and muscles, and get their blood pumping. Be sure that you have fresh water available after games of fetch!

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Many people might have trouble getting their dog to fetch. Some may say their dogs aren't interested, they don't know what is happening, or they just don't like the toy.

Well, you may be surprised to learn that you may have to teach or train your dog to fetch! The most important thing to keep in mind is to have a good toy your dog will be interested in chasing after. Tennis balls, squeaker balls, and flying discs work great! You may have to test out a few toys before you find what piques your dog's interest. But once you've figured it out, you're on the way to training your dog to fetch.

Once you've found the toy your dog finds interest in, start using specific words or phrases that you know get your dog excited about going outside to play fetch. You could say something like "You wanna go outside?!" or "Let's go play!". You could even try starting out a game of fetch with a game of tug-o-war and then throwing it after you've snatched it from your dog. You could also consider using treats after every successful retrieval. Rewarding your dog after bringing the toy back to you will teach your dog that fetch is a fun thing that leads to rewards!

Fetch Toys

a brown dog running in a green field with a Chuckit! fetch ball in it's mouth

Now that you know the importance of fetching and how to teach your dog to fetch, lets talk about toys! There are many different varieties of fetching toys including balls, sticks, rings, and even frisbees. Chuckit!, the #1 fetch toy company, has a wide range of toys that are designed just for fetch! They even make ball launchers so that humans don't have to throw their shoulders out when throwing the ball for their dogs! Whether you're playing fetch indoors or out, in the water or on land, Chuckit! has every fetch toy your dog will ever need. Check them all out here!


All in all, dogs LOVE fetch! It is a great emotional, physical, and mental stimulant for them and a good mood booster for you! Keep your dog active and enjoying life with at least one 20-minute game of fetch a day! Your dog will thank you!



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