The infamous litter box – it’s a love-hate relationship. We love that our kitties can easily be litter box-trained, but we hate having to clean up the mess. If you are intimidated by all things litter box, keep reading and don’t worry! This article will tell you everything you need to know about litter box training and cleaning to make your life a little easier.


Before you can begin training, you need to make sure your cat approves of both the litter and the litter box. If your cat does not approve, then he will not want to use it. Use this guide to help you determine which litter box is best for your cat. In addition, you should have an adequate number of litter boxes around the house. A general guide is to keep one more litter box in the house than there are cats. The location of each litter box is also very important for your cat to feel comfortable; the box must be kept in a quiet, private location.

While litter box training, you should reward your furry friend for using his box by petting him and giving him his favorite treat. The worst thing you can do during training is punish your cat while he is in the litter box because he will begin to associate the area with fear. So, remember to use a gentle voice and praise him for his accomplishments. If you do this, your cat will be using the litter box in no time!

Litter Box 101


Now that your cat knows how to use the litter box, it’s time for you to learn how to clean it. Here’s some good news: cats are naturally very clean animals, so they prefer a clean environment just as much as you do! This also means that you must make sure the litter box is maintained and cleaned or else your cat will refuse to use it. You can do this by scooping the waste clumps out of the litter box at least once a day. If your cat tends to kick the litter out of the box and onto the surrounding area, try purchasing a mat to collect the stray litter.

Every month, you should do a deep clean of the litter box. Start by washing the box with dish soap and scrubbing it to get rid of all the bacteria. Next, add in fresh litter; this step will help eliminate pesky, unwanted odors from entering your home.

Cats are such highly desired pets because of their easy maintenance, clean lifestyles, and let’s not forget about their sweet personalities. After a little bit of practice, training your cat and cleaning his litter box will be simple.



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