As families all over the U.S. continue to navigate their new normal and get used to their temporary routines under the Shelter in Place order, understanding which rules to follow can be quite confusing. Learning how to social distance and put space between you and your neighbors and friends can be quite hard. Staying inside a majority of the day to stay safe and healthy can make a person feel cooped up and stir crazy. Can you imagine how your dog feels? Dogs yearn to run free, explore, and sniff everything in sight. If it is hard for humans, it most certainly is hard for dogs as well. But rest assured, there are ways to help your dog get all that pent up energy out with indoor fetch toys!


Keep your dog occupied throughout the day when working from home or on the weekends can be pretty easy if you use the right toys and tricks. If you've got a conference call to take or a project you need to finish up, treat toys for dogs are a great way to keep your dog busy. Treat toys stimulate and challenge your dog. However, they are not great for releasing energy that your dog can build throughout the day. The best way to relieve some of your dogs energy is through active games of fetch. However, fetch is an outdoor game that's meant to be played outside. If you've got a backyard with space for your dog to run, you're all set! Just grab any ball and go! But if you live in an apartment or condo with no green space, this can be a little trickier. Especially with the closure of dog parks and city parks. Which is why Chuckit!, the popular dog fetch toy brand has made fetch toys designed just for indoor use!


In most homes, there is a prominent rule of no throwing balls in the house. The worry with throwing a ball in the house is that it will scuff up a wall, make a picture fall off the wall, or break a fragile piece of art. which is why Chuckit! took that worry into consideration and produced an entire line of indoor fetch toys! All of Chuckit! Indoor fetch toys are covered in a soft, textured chenille fabric that is soft and gentle on floors and walls. The inside features Bounceflex Core Technology for a lightweight design that bounces and is gentle on your home. Each toy is designed for different types of games of fetch whether it be long distance game of fetch down the hallway or short distance games of fetch in the living room.


dog chasing ball indoors


The Chuckit! Indoor Ball (shown above) is one of the best indoor balls that your dog will love. Covered in a soft fabric, it's gentle on your walls and on your dogs mouth. It's larger shape stops it from rolling under the couch or other furniture so that it doesn't get lost during fetch time. Dogs love to chase this ball around the house and even cuddle up with it when fetch time is over.

The Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler is a wonderful toy that has the same elements as the indoor ball, plus a triangular shape to it's design. This shape provide more of a erratic bounce when thrown causing it to tumble in different paths that dogs love to chase after. Just like the indoor ball, the Tumbler is also covered in a soft fabric that is gentle on your home and on your dogs mouth.


Some dogs love chasing after things that roll instead of bounce. The Chuckit! Indoor Roller (shown above) is a perfect toy for this. You simply get fetch going by rolling the roller on its vertical side and give it a gentle push (kind of like you would with a bowling ball). For games of long distance fetch, the Indoor Roller is the toy for you!


For dogs that enjoy catching flying frisbees or discs, the Chuckit! Indoor Flying Squirrel is the best indoor toy for that. Featuring the same lightweight design and soft fabric as the rest of the Chuckit! Indoor line, the Indoor Flying Squirrel also features and aerodynamic design that lets it fly through the air for your dog to fetch. Your dog will love carrying this toy around after fetch and cuddling up with it during nap time.


One of the best things about this line of indoor toys is that they are all machine washable and designed to last. Being cooped up inside can be tiresome and boring for a lot of people. But don't forget that this is also affecting your dog. Remember to spend time and enjoy moments with your pets and family during this time. Playing fetch indoors can add some excitement to these long days and can serve as a stress reliever for both you and your dog. Check out the rest of the Chuckit! Indoor line here!


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