Preppers, moms, and dads with lots of mouths to feed, and people who live in rural areas have been buying foods in bulk forever. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way we live and shop, with buying in bulk becoming more and more popular with city dwellers too. Residents in New York, New Jersey, California, and other places where strict stay-in-place orders have been put in place have seen an over 48% rise in shoppers' stockpiling. Whether you're buying bulk pet foods, pasta, rice, beans, or flour let Vittles Vault storage containers keep your bulk purchases fresher longer.


Vittles Vault, a brand of Gamma2 that is known for its patented Gamma Seal Technology, is a popular food storage solution for pet parents because they keep dry pet food fresher longer, down to every last piece of kibble. Engineered with scientific facts and patented technology, all Vittles Vault storage containers are made with a BPA-free resin formula that creates a durable, food-grade plastic storage container. But what makes Vittles Vault so special and different from other food storage containers on the market is all in the lid.

While Vittles Vault containers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each one comes with a Gamma seal Lid. These lids are known for their double gasket system, which is what locks freshness in creating a state known as Controlled Moisture Balance. During this state, beneficial moisture, which keeps food fresh and tasty is trapped inside while harmful moisture, which contributes to contamination is locked out. The molded handles on the top of the lid make them easy to open and close every time you use the lid.

Pet parents, cattle ranchers, and farmers have been depending on Vittles Vault containers for quite some time to store their animal's feed, keep it fresh, and free from pests. With the surge in people buying foods in bulk, consumers just like you are trusting Vittles Vault to keep their bulk supplies fresh and fresh from pests too.


Each Vittles Vault is designed with a modern look so that it'll blend in with any home design or decor. The modern design lets you store your Vittles Vault out of sight in your pantry, bottom cabinet, or garage, or in your line of sight like next to a wall or on a countertop. Let's dive deeper into each design and see what makes each shape unique.

VITTLES VAULT OUTBACK STACKABLE: The Outback Stackable design lets you stack multiple units of the same size on top of each other for more storage space. These come in two large sizes, 40 lbs. or 60 lbs. For ingredients or pet foods that you need to access multiple times throughout the day, the tilted wide opening lets you easily reach inside to scoop whatever you're storing out. Their slimmer shape lets you store them in the space in-between the fridge and the wall, or on the bottom shelf in your cabinet. With this stackable design, you can really get creative with where you decide to keep your Vittles Vault storage container.


Vittles Vault Stackable stored in pantry and garage


VITTLES VAULT OUTBACK CONTAINER: This food storage container is the standard Vittles Vault and comes in a wide range of sizes. Since there is only one size gamma lid, one thing to note about this design, is that as the sizes get larger, the container gets taller instead of wider. That way, the lid and opening stays the same size. The smaller size (30 lbs.) is short enough to be stored on counter tops or on the shelves in your pantry. The larger sizes can be stored next to your counter or in the corner of your pantry.


Outback collection being stored in pantry


VITTLES VAULT HOME: The Vittles Vault Home collection is another stackable collection that lets you stack each unit on top of the other for more storage space. These feature an even slimmer design than the Vittles Vault Outback Stackable collection and can also be stored in that extra, unused space between your refrigerator and wall. Since they have a slimmer design, these take up less space on counter tops or in your cabinets. These do not have the patented Gamma Seal Lid, but they are made from the same BPA-free food grade plastic and does have a gasket to help keep your foods fresh.


slimmer design in use around kitchen


VITTLES VAULT BUCKET: While the bucket design can also hold food and keep it fresh, it's also good for storing household supplies such as charcoal, wood chips, or pool chemicals. The Vittles Vault Bucket comes in a variety of sizes and has a Gamma Seal lid. These storage buckets work great for indoor storage, but can also be stored in harsher conditions like the garage, shed, or barn. If you are storing fertilizers or chemicals, be sure to read and follow the storage guide on the packaging of whatever you are storing. The carry handle makes it convenient to move around if needed. Another unique thing about the Vittles Vault Bucket is that its lid can be interchanged with different colored Gamma Seal Lids, found here. Because the bucket is made from BPA-free food grade plastic, preppers, home brewers, and farmers use these to store their bulk foods, supplies, malts, and seeds. Their ability to store just about anything, while also keeping foods fresh and safe, is why thousands of people trust these versatile containers.


Vittles Vault Bucket storing coffee and seed


PORTABLE VITTLES VAULT: Taking your dog on a hike or weekend trip and need somewhere to store his food for the weekend? Take a Vittles Vault portable travel container. This convenient bowl is a 3-in-1 product that offers a food bowl, water bowl, and a storage container. The container holds up to 6 pounds of food (depending on kibble size) and the blue caps on each end easily remove and turn into food and water bowls for your pet! There's even a carry handle for you!


woman walking dog with travel container



As you can see and have hopefully learned, Vittles Vault storage containers offer multiple solutions to any of your storage needs. The durable plastic, unique lids, and patented technology keeps pests, and rodents out no matter where you choose to store your Vittles Vault. Buying food in bulk, whether its human food or pet food, can be quite expensive and can add up quickly. The last thing you'd want is for your goods to go to waste. Protect your investment and trust Vittles Vault storage containers to keep your foods, goods, and supplies fresher longer.




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