Get the dog leash ready because it's about to be your dog's favorite national holiday! Every year, National Walk the Dog Day falls on February 22nd. This year's National Walk the Dog Day is on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. This fun national holiday helps promote exercise for both dogs and their parents, helps establish and build strong bonds through quality time spent together on walks, and provides a new environment for your dog to explore.


The exact date and who established National Walk the Dog Day is currently unknown. It is thought, but not confirmed, to have started somewhere around 1960 when Jim Buck became the first professional dog walker in New York City. During the 1960s, the female role in society began to change, and now more than ever, women began entering the workforce. Because of this, the family dog was left home alone for long hours and daily walks became less frequent. As a result, families started hiring people to come and take their dogs for walks during the day while they were at work. Since then, professional dog walkers have gained popularity and are now a full-time job for some!


National Walk the Dog Day combines two things that dogs love: exercise and the great outdoors. Taking your dog on a daily walk – or even a weekly walk – is a great way to get your dog (and you) some exercise. For older dogs, a daily walk can be the difference between an active senior and a lazy senior dog. Taking your dog on a walk helps keep their leg muscles strong and their joints running smoothly as they should. For younger dogs, a daily walk is a fabulous way to help your pup relieve pent-up energy and expose them to new surroundings.

No matter, if you're walking your pup around the block in your neighborhood or taking them to the community park, just being outdoors and in a new environment with new sights and smells, is fun for any dog! Dogs love being outdoors and all that it has to offer, so grab the leash and use National Walk the Dog Day 2021 to start a new daily walking routine with your loyal furry family member.


1. Take your dog on a new trail or to a new place for a walk: If you're already on top of it and have an established daily walk routine with your dog, try taking them to a new place for your daily walk this year. Over time, taking the same walking path over and over again can become less entertaining for your dog. So, add some excitement to your dog's daily walk and switch it up! He'll love all the new scents to sniff!

2. Bring a friend: This year, ask a friend and their dog to join you and your dog on a walk on National Walk the Dog Day. Meet that friend at a park with walking trails or take a walk up to a pet-friendly restaurant that's close to you. Bring along some treats or the Chuckit! to end the walk with a game of fetch. No matter where y'all decide to go, bringing along a friend is always a fun time!

two dogs running in a park together

3. Join a 5k: For our pet parents and dogs who are really into exercising, consider running – or walking – in a local area 5k. The good thing about 5k's is that you can either run or walk! And most of the time, 5k profits go to local charities. So, you're doing even more good than just getting your dog some exercise. Just be sure to double-check that dogs are allowed before you join.

All in all, there are plenty of fun ways and great reasons why you should celebrate National Walk the Dog Day this year. Besides the fact that your dog will love the time spent with you, taking your dog on a walk promotes a healthy lifestyle and a strong bond between you and your dog. So, what are you waiting for?! Grab the leash and get to walking!

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