When deciding what type of pet you should get it’s important to consider your lifestyle and living situation. Dogs need regular interaction and will need someone home a lot. Some apartments may not allow dogs or cats. As rewarding as pets can be, sometimes they need more affection than what you can offer them.

Birds can give companionship with less work than you think. Here are some of the top reasons a bird is the best choice for you.

Birds are intelligent

According to the National Audubon Society, birds have problem-solving capabilities and cognitive skills that indicate a high degree of intelligence. They have the capacity to learn and an inquisitive nature that makes them fascinating and captivating pets. Once a bird bonds with its owner, it is constantly learning from that person’s behavior and often delights its the owner with surprisingly human-like antics.

Birds are fairly easy to take care of

Instead of roaming around the house all day, birds can be placed in their cages when owners are busy, or at work. They don’t require daily walks outside and do not have to be housebroken. The inconvenient of cleaning their cage daily is more preferred to some than daily cleanings of litter boxes or having to go outside every few hours.

Birds require minimal grooming

Birds are naturally hygienic animals and preen their feathers daily to keep them shiny and clean. They don’t require shampoos, flea baths, or expensive haircuts. Bird owners can maintain their pets health and good looks by clipping their nails and a shower of plain water once or twice a week.

Birds are social companions

With proper training and socialization, birds can be just as affectionate as a cat or dog. Some birds are even inseparable from their owners! They can be trained to do tricks and tasks since they are intelligent.

Birds are inexpensive to feed

While it is important to feed them with high-quality pellets birds can eat fruits and vegetables. When preparing some for yourself set aside a small portion for your bird to make the pellet food last longer. Just be sure you are not feeding your bird anything that is toxic.

Birds don’t need a lot of space

Unlike a dog who needs room to run around, smaller birds such as canaries and finches are a perfect solution to small living areas like apartments or condos. A small birdcage can easily fit in a cozy living space.

Birds aren’t considered “pets”

Some landlords enforce a pet fee but this is usually for dogs or cats. Depending on the fine print on your lease they may not consider a bird a pet and you can opt-out of having to pay the pet fee.

Birds are long-lived companions

Many bird species live extraordinarily long lives. Some birds have even lived 100 years! This fact soothes concerns that you will not have to say goodbye earlier than you would want. Adopting a bird will allow you to love and enjoy your pet for a very long time.

After reading this list of why you should adopt a bird, don’t forget to get bird toys for their cage for times when you aren’t there! Another instinct that solo toys fulfill is the need to forage. Because pet birds spend a majority of their time on their feet, interactive toys help your pet bird stay active and receive exercise.

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