JW Aquarium Anchor Bubbler

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Item: For SAND / 6" 0421230

Brand: Jw

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Provide a healthy environment for your fish with JW® Anchor Bubblers. Available in two sizes, JW Anchor Bubblers provide much needed oxygen for your fish and can be placed anywhere in your aquarium. Clear blue anchors easily slide under gravel, preventing the Bubbler from floating around your aquarium. Two sizes available: 6 inch or 12 inch.

PRODUCT NOTE: Longer Anchor Bubblers require a larger air pump. To use, attach the Anchor Bubbler to the airline tubing of your air pump (be sure your pump is turned off). Place the Anchor Bubbler in the aquarium and cover the anchors with gravel. Turn pump on; use an aquarium Air Valve or Gang Valve to regulate airflow. May take up to 24 hours for the maxiumum amount of bubbles to appear.


For SAND / 6" 6" L
Product Weight
For SAND / 6" 0.04 lb