Arm & Hammer SimplyRecycled Wave Litter Box

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Available exclusively from Petmate®, the Arm & Hammer™ line of SimplyRecycled™ Litter Boxes are made of 100% post-industrial recycled plastic to provide a sustainable litter box solution that's better for the environment as well as cats and pet parents. The low-profile, open box design is ideal for kittens and cat's who don't like enclosed spaces, while the reinforced bottom provides added strength and durability for heavy, used litter. For easy cleaning, SimplyRecycled Litter Boxes feature a wide rim that makes the litter box easy to pick up while the sleek and clean black color adds a touch of modern design to your cat's litter area. Help keep the environment clean and plastics out of landfills with an Arm & Hammer SimplyRecycled Litter Box. Simply Better, SimplyRecycled™.


For BLACK / SMALL 14.3" L x 11" W x 4" H
Product Weight
For BLACK / SMALL 0.57 lb


  • Made in the USA
  • Made from 100% post-industrial recycled material
  • Reinforced bottom stands up to heavy, used litter
  • Wide wide-lipped rim makes the litter box easy to pick up

Additional Information

We recommend replacing your cat's litter box every 12 months. Over time, odors can penetrate plastic and resins, leaving behind a stinky odor you can't get rid of. Plus, your cat's scratching alone takes a toll. So, to keep your cat's litter area clean and smelling as fresh as possible, replace your old litter box at least once a year. To help your cat adjust to his or her new litter box, keep the old one behind for a short transition period.