FAT CAT Boogie Catnip Cat Mat

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Item: For FOR DE' CAT / ONE SIZE 610104

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Give a kitty a place to chill with a FAT CAT® Boogie Mat®. This fun, unique refillable catnip cat mat comes with a pack of Zoom Around the Room!® organic catnip to refill the mat when the catnip scent starts to fade away. Fun tassels on each corner give your kitty something to paw at as they soak up that lovely catnip scent. Perfect for kneading, lounging, scratching, playing, or sleeping your kitty will love the FAT CAT Boogie Mat. The mat measures 17" L x 13" W. To clean surface wash and air dry.


For FOR DE' CAT / ONE SIZE 17" L x 13" W
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For FOR DE' CAT / ONE SIZE 0.33 lb


  • Unzip the opening at the end of the mat to refill with catnip
  • Includes fun tassels for swiping and pawing at
  • A scratching solution for your cat
  • Great for solo play