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United Airlines Misplaces Rapper Schoolboy Q's French Bulldog Pup

The artist says his doggy was put on the wrong flight.

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Why Your Cat Can’t Go Without Food more

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13 Reasons to Love the Beautiful Balinese

If finding a furry BFF is your goal, look no further than the Balinese cat. Though noted for her aristocratic appearance, this suave feline specimen is uninterested in whiling her days away atop a throne; rather, she’s all about companionship and non-stop chatter. 1. The Balinese is a chatty breed So she likes to talk? …

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Missed Prime Day? These 11 Items Are Still A Good Deal

And, they're all under $70.

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Exciting New Product

The Petmate Retracting Litter Pan is an extra-large capacity litter pan, ideal for multi-cat homes or larger cats. The innovative retracting visor rolls up for easy access for quick scooping and helps reduce litter scatter.

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Anxiety, Stress, Fear in Pets -- How Bad Can it Be?

It is a frightening fact that nearly 90% of the 89.7 million dogs in the U.S. will probably experience anxiety, stress, or fear at some point in ... Read More >

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