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Why Should You Adopt Or Rescue A Pet?
Adding a four-legged member to your family is a wonderful way to bring home some fun and excitement, introduce responsibility to kids and really make a house feel like a home. If you’re thinking about adding a new furry family member, that’s great! But where do you start? There are plenty of options when it comes to picking out a new pet, but there are several reasons why you should consider adopting a pet from a local shelter or rescue organization. read more >

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Severely Abused Dog Saved By Facebook Post

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Video: Little Panda Cub Has a Big Sneeze

While adorably napping with his mom at the National Zoo, baby panda Bei Bei had a brief interruption: a great big sneeze. See the cute video here.

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Video: Training to Help Calm a Dog Who Barks and Lunges on Leash

Need dog training tips for a dog who barks at other dogs while on leash? Mikkel Becker teaches you how to train a very useful command: turn away.

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