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cat crazies

Cats go crazy for Cat Crazies®! These specially designed, patented toys are great for sliding, flipping chasing and biting. Available in a 4-pack variety of bright neon colors.

Petmate does not sell directly to the public, nor do we sell online through this Web site. We encourage you to print out your "wish list" of products, visit your local pet store and ask for Petmate by name!

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  • Beth

    My cats love cat crazies!!! They go crazy for them!

  • John

    I wasn’t sure how the cat I’m petsitting would like these, but she bats them around constantly and hops after them and pounces. She even plays a version of fetch with me! These are really inexpensive and I was surprised how much entertainment value they are for me and my guest feline.

  • Pam

    My cat loves Cat Crazies.. In fact it is one of the only toys she will play with. Thank you for driving my cat crazy.. lol

  • JACK

    My cats go crazy over these CAT CRAZIES, I find them all over the house……….

  • Tammy

    My kitten absolutely loves these! I had a toy that shoots out little helicopters and he loved that but kept loosing the little helicopters (Which happen to look like the Crazies)so when I found these Cat Crazies, I pounced on them! Inexpensive too so if he looses a couple, no problem. I’m stocked up on them. This morning, he chose to stay inside and play with his crazies rather than go out, and that’s something! He likes the pink one the best though. I don’t know why but he does. Go figure. He loves it when I participate in throwing them or flipping them with my finger too. Fun for us both. Thank you PetMate!

  • Cappy Rackley

    Both of my cats LOVE these!!

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