Petmate Announces Big Mama's Road Trip-O-Rama!

Petmate® Announces Big Mama’s Road Trip-O-Rama!


(Arlington, TX) June 27, 2019 – The iconic mascot for the Fat Cat® brand is headed across the country! Big Mama will be on the road for the next couple of months ending her Road Trip-O-Rama at Global Pet Expo 2020 where she will announce all her new goodies for the following year.

Big Mama’s Road Trip-O-Rama started on June 24, 2019, as she made her way towards San Diego, California. Big Mama will be meeting new friends and attending fun events as she makes her way to her final destination Orlando, Florida by March 2020. Big Mama will be updating us with her adventures weekly on her own landing page. She will be taking over Fat Cat’s Instagram and Facebook accounts during her journey across the United States. During her road trip, Big Mama will remind you of your favorite classic Fat Cat dog and cat toys, introduce you to new ones, and announce giveaways of both old and new.

Who is Big Mama you ask? Big Mama is the majestic looking tuxedo cat featured on the Fat Cat products. She has expertise and insight into what pets really want. She is considered to be an integral part of our product development process. All Fat Cat toys are run past her for final a-paw-roval!


Follow along to see the trouble Big Mama finds herself in at or on social media @fatcattoys.