The Petmate Story

Over 60 years ago, Petmate began with a single focus on providing safe pet transportation, resulting in the creation of the very first dog kennel. Flash forward to today, and the same love & bond that existed to provide safe travels for our pets now permeates through the 21 brands we own. Knowing that pets are every bit as much a part of the family, we are constantly working – not just on creating reliable products – but more importantly on how we can improve your pets’ quality of life. Our commitment now and in the future is to continue a responsible evolution of manufacturing practices with the well-being of all pets at the center of everything we do.

Our Promise

Petmate is a special place, where everything we make and do is about improving the quality of life for pets, and pet parents. Filled with engaging, passionate, and creative people, our promise is to design and produce products which fill a specific need. Loving pets is what we’re all about.

Environmental Stewardship

As a responsible manufacturer, one must be mindful not just of the quality of the products they’re creating, but also how they are made and their environmental impact. Our eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and Edison Green Award-Winning Spectrum facility help reduce our carbon footprint to ensure pets and their families have a beautiful world to play in.

  • Meet Zoey! She's an energetic 9-year-old terrier mix who loves to play chase in the house. On the weekends, her and her dad, Ed enjoy long walks on their local hiking trails.

  • Meet Daphne! She's a cute 10-year-old miniature Dachshund who enjoys people watching and hanging out in dads office while he works. When she's not people watching, she enjoys taking short naps under his desk in her work bed. At home, Daphne loves to eat treats, bark at every squirrel she sees, play with her toys, and get her beauty sleep.

  • Meet Sadie! This 5.5-month-old Chihuahua looks like a deer when she runs and enjoys playing with cat toys more than dog toys!

  • Meet Casey and Hazel! Casey works on our Sales Team here at Petmate and has been bringing Hazel to the office since she was 8 weeks old! Hazel, who is now 3, is a chunky English Lab who loves coming to work and enjoying treats from mom's co-workers. When she's not working hard for treats in the office, Hazel's favorite thing to do is go swimming in the pool, which is where you can find her every hot summer weekend in Texas.

  • Meet Ari! She's a 4-month-old Austrailian Shepherd who enjoys playing with and getting into things she's not supposed to.

  • Meet Moose, a 3-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, who takes any opportunity to ask for belly rubs. When he visits the Wichita office, Moose looks forward to treats, as well as love and attention from all of his mom's coworkers.

  • Say hi to Tess & Seymour! Tess works on our project management team at Petmate, with Seymour tagging along each day. Seymour is a 5 1/2 year-old good ol’ mutt! Tess had him DNA tested and and he turned out to be 57% chihuahua, 23% shih tzu, and the last 20% is just a mix of many things! Seymour loves coming to work with his mom and seeing all of his people friends who shower him with treats. When Seymour isn't at work with mom, he enjoys sleeping and laying out in the backyard on a sunny day. Tess describes Seymour as scruffy. One fun fact about Seymour is he doesn't run he hops like a bunny!

  • Meet Myla! She's a happy 7-year-old German Shepard Lab Mix who loves coming to the Petmate office to see all the people that stop by and give her some love & pets. She loves to play with her toys especially her duck! Myla loves to hold her leash in her mouth and walk herself.

  • Meet Koby! He's a happy 2-year-old Shetland Sheepdog who loves coming to work with mom. Every morning, he dances at the front door hoping he gets to go to work with mom. While mom works, Koby enjoys playing with the other dogs in the office as well as hoping in your lap to make sure you get to pet him. At home, his favorite thing to do is play in the water as his dad tries to water the plants.

  • Say hi to Channel! She's a lovable 1-year-old mini lop rabbit who loves hay and carrots. When she's not eating her favorite snacks, you can find Channel jumping all over her dad's sofa.

  • Meet Jill and Pepper! Jill works in our product development department here at Petmate and brings her sweet 11-year-old dog, Pepper to work with her every day. Pepper's favorite thing about coming to work with his mom is testing all the new toys she makes. When he's not at work with mom, Pepper enjoys making his presence known while herding all the other dogs at the dog park.

  • Meet Suzanne and Hershey! Suzanne works in our project management department here at Petmate. Hershey is the 4th of her candy bar boxers. He is a rescue dog from a local shelter. I’m the one who picked him up and brought him home. He really is devoted to me and lets everyone know that I belong to him. He loves being by my side during the work day getting treats, especially the Wild Eats Bully sticks. When not at work with mom he loves bird watching but chases away any squirrel that dares to come into the yard.

  • Meet Abigail and Harley! Abigail works in our customer service department here at Petmate and brings her sweet dog Harley a 3 year old toy Australian Shepard to work with her. Whhen she isn't at work with mom she loves the outdoors and to chew on wood sticks. She also spins when she wants treats.

  • Meet Kristie and Hank! Krisite is a credit analyst in our credit department. Hank is a very energetic 13-wk old Boxer. He has a big brother named Bear who is a Great Dane. Hank knows Bear is his protector. They love going to the dog park and playing with all the dogs.

Petmate Academy

It’s more than just creating and selling products – it’s about doing everything we can to help pet parents, shelters, or anyone who cares about their loyal companions. At Petmate Academy, we have a wealth of knowledge across of variety of topics to help as you navigate through serious considerations regarding your pet.

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