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Welcome to Petmate® - Your Destination for Premium Cat Supplies

Providing Everything Your Feline Friend Needs

At Petmate®, we understand that caring for your beloved feline is a deeply personal experience. That's why we're committed to developing trusted brands like Arm & Hammer®, Aspen Pet®, and Petmate, ensuring that you have everything you need to be the best cat parent in the world.

A Comprehensive Range of Cat Supplies

Explore our wide range of online cat supplies, including interactive toys to combat boredom, cozy cat beds and loungers for peaceful naps, and durable plastic kennels and soft-sided carriers to ease travel anxiety.

Simplifying Cat Waste Management

Managing cat waste is made simple with our selection of litter boxes, litter pan liners, and filters. Whether you're looking for standard litter boxes, hooded options for privacy, or retractable designs for convenience, we have you covered.

Promoting Healthy and Happy Cats

For a healthy and happy cat, regular play is essential. Choose from our assortment of cat toys, including engaging cat ball toys, teaser toys, and feather wands that provide bonding opportunities and cater to your cat's playful nature.

Enriching Your Cat's Environment

Challenge your cat's mind with our range of cat puzzle toys or provide solo play options for independent feline fun. To satisfy their natural scratching instincts, our cat scratchers are both entertaining and beneficial, keeping them occupied and potentially preventing unwanted behaviors.

Grooming Essentials for Your Cat

Show your cat you care with our grooming brushes and nail clippers, ensuring they look and feel their best.

Catering to Every Stage of Your Cat's Life

With Petmate, you'll find everything from essential supplies to indulgent extras, designed to delight your cat from kittenhood through to adulthood. Shop online for the best in cat supplies, and give your furry friend the love and care they deserve.