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Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting time in anybody's life. You have a new set of paws prancing around the house and like babies, puppies require supplies and attention from you to grow up happy and healthy. Through play, puppies learn how to socialize with humans and other dogs, build healthy bonds, and engage their instincts like chasing prey. While you'll need a crate, bed, food & water bowl, collar, and a leash to get started, you'll also need PLENTY of toys for your puppy to play with and chew on... especially during the teething phase. Lucky for you, we've put science and your puppy's needs into the design of our toys and products and categorized them so you can easily find toys that fit your puppy's specific needs.

CHEW-EE: Puppies explore the world around them by sniffing and putting things in their mouth to taste and chew on. During the teething phase, puppies can develop unhealthy chewing habits and chew on household items like shoes, brushes, remotes, etc. which can be very dangerous. Make sure you offer your puppy plenty of chew toys to help them develop healthy chewing habits with safe toys made specifically for teething puppies. Our line of JW Chew-ee Puppy Toys comes in a range of shapes and textures that massage your puppy's gums as they chew and helps relieve the pain teething can cause.

SQUEAK-EE: As your puppy gets a little older, he or she will start to enjoy playing alone (also referred to as solo playtime). During this phase, provide your puppy with toys that squeak, grunt, or crinkle to expose your puppy to new sounds. Through sensory exploration with fun shapes, textures, and a variety of sounds, your puppy will grow up to be confident, happy, and healthy. The JW line of Squeak-ee Puppy Toys features toys that are sized just for small puppy mouths and have patented safety designs that make the squeaker fall inside the toy, rather than out helping to reduce any choking hazard.

TREAT-EE: When your puppy gets old enough for treats, take playtime up a notch with treat-dispensing puppy toys! Our line of treat dispensing toys is designed to give your puppy a challenge and make them "work" for their treat. Through innovative design and patented technology, our treat toys come in a variety of styles and feature different challenge levels to make your puppy think and keep him entertained through rewarding play.

HOL-EE: Puppies need toys that require mental stimulation for boredom prevention and entertainment. Puzzle toys - like the JW Hol-ee line of puppy toys - provide enriched play that stimulates your puppy's natural curiosity and burns energy while keeping him occupied. The unique design of the JW Hol-ee line lets pet parents get creative when it comes to giving their puppy a puzzle challenge to solve. You can stuff it with their favorite treat, or stuff it with treats in an old cut-up shirt, or stuff it with their favorite plush toy... the options are endless. By providing your puppy with toys that challenge them, your puppy will grow up to be smart, confident, and happy.

LET'S PLAY: One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is build a strong, loving bond with him or her. Through interactive play, like fetch and tug-o-war, you can help your puppy grow up to be happy and healthy. Our line of Let's Play Puppy Toys is designed to help facilitate the bond being built between you and your puppy by offering high-quality, durable puppy toys that are fun for both humans and dogs!