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  • Best Pet Insurance in 2024

    Best Pet Insurance in 2024

    In 2024, pet insurance is indispensable for those who cherish their pets as family. Since 1982, when Veterinary Pet Insurance issued the first policy for Lassie, the industry has advanced, covering everything from routine check-ups to emergencies. With the global pet insurance market projected to surpass $10 billion by 2025, it's crucial to choose wisely, considering coverage, deductibles, and premiums. This guide empowers you to make informed decisions to safeguard your pet's well-being. Read Article
  • The Pros of Catnip for Cats

    The Pros of Catnip for Cats

    Catnip has many pros for cats. It is an herbaceous plant that has fascinated cat lovers for hundreds of years due to its effects on cats. The active compound in catnip, called Nepetalactone, triggers a unique reaction in most cats, leading to behaviors that range from excitement and playfulness to being content and relaxed. In this guide, we will explore the pros and cons of catnip and its impact on our feline companions. Read Article
  • Adopting A Senior Cat

    Adopting A Senior Cat

    Adopting a senior cat can be a rewarding experience. When you’ve identified an older cat that seems just right for you, it’s time to take him home. The American Association of Feline Practitioners says there are three easy steps to successfully integrating your new cat. Read Article
  • Getting Into the Swing of Perches

    Getting Into the Swing of Perches

    Watching a group of young parakeets playing in a cage together can be very fascinating as many have very distinctive ways that they like to play. Some like to chew on a rope toy, others may babble to a mirror, two might even be doing a tug a war between them with a plastic chain, and there always seems to be at least one that is a true acrobat, hanging upside down from the cage bars, a toy, or a perch. Read Article
  • The Importance of Toys for Pet Birds

    The Importance of Toys for Pet Birds

    To keep pet birds mentally happy and stimulated, they need new and different types of toys given and exchanged out of their cage often enough that the birds don't get bored with them. Bored birds at the least can become an annoyance to their owners and at worst a danger to themselves. They can become physically destructive by plucking out their own feathers, start screaming, biting, and/or doing a behavior over and over again like head swinging, thus slowly going insane. The larger the bird, the more attention it needs from its owner and the more toys it requires that are both chewable and can keep the bird occupied. Read Article
  • Chicken Coop Housing Info

    Chicken Coop Housing Info

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Petmate chicken coop. OK - sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. But on a more serious note, do you own a chicken coop? Well, if you don't already - you should. For the hobby farmer, chicken coops are a must-have! Yes, fresh eggs with a higher nutrient content, insect control, free fertilizer, easy care and less household food waste. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that chickens are gentle and can make great pets for children! Keeping backyard hens is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Read Article
  • Bird Toys with an Edge

    Bird Toys with an Edge

    The pet industry has certainly seen a lot of changes with pet toys in the last few years. Certainly no one ever thought about guinea pig or rabbit or even hamster toys over a decade ago (except for the basics like the hamster wheel and exercise ball) and yet more and more toys are now being offered by manufacturers today. Of course, dog toys have been around for a very long time, and certainly rubber rings and balls along with the in-famous ones like the vinyl pickle, rolled newspaper and porcupine that I played with in my father's store in the seventies are still being offered today. But some dog toys are now much more sophisticated with moving parts that make interesting sounds or will dispense a treat if moved in a certain way. Bird toys were actually the first to become more complicated because birds, especially those in the parrot group, including parakeets and cockatiels, are extremely intelligent and need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them healthy and active. Read Article
  • Traveling with Pet Birds

    Traveling with Pet Birds

    My budgerigar Tribble traveled quite a bit with me during his nine years as I went back to school, changed schools, got married, got divorced, and went back home to Massachusetts where our journey had begun. Driving in the car for days, or flying across the country, can be stressful enough without worrying about a pet bird, but with some precautions it can be a safe trip for both the owner and the bird. Read Article
  • Keeping It Clean

    Keeping It Clean

    One of the most common complaints of bird owners is that they are an extremely messy pet. Food and feathers seem to fall everywhere but inside the cage, and cleaning around the cage is necessary at least twice a week at home. Read Article
  • Bird Cage Cleaning: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bird Cage Maintenance

    Bird Cage Cleaning: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bird Cage Maintenance

    A key factor in keeping your bird healthy is to make sure their cage, play stands, and other accessories are regularly cleaned. Once you have a routine, incorporating it into your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule is easy and you get the satisfaction knowing your bird is healthier and happier. Read Article
  • 5 Steps for Success - Tips for New Bird Owners

    5 Steps for Success - Tips for New Bird Owners

    Congrats!!! It's a bird!!! Exciting news, you just got a pet bird! Make the most of the first few weeks with your new pet by establishing a positive relationship, setting expectations, and getting ahead on problem behaviors. When working with your bird it?s important to pay attention to their motivators and their body language while establishing trust. Read Article
  • Do's and Dont's for Pet Bird Owners

    Do's and Dont's for Pet Bird Owners

    Pet birds can be the perfect addition to any home looking for companionship. Before you commit it?s good to consider which bird type will fit into your family and lifestyle. Read Article
  • Why You Should Get a Pet Bird

    Why You Should Get a Pet Bird

    When deciding what type of pet you should get it's important to consider your lifestyle and living situation. Dogs need regular interaction and will need someone home a lot. Some apartments may not allow dogs or cats. As rewarding as pets can be, sometimes they need more affection than what you can offer them. Read Article
  • 7 Tips Every Backyard Chicken Owner Should Know

    7 Tips Every Backyard Chicken Owner Should Know

    Backyard chickens are becoming more and more popular. As people across America are returning to traditional values, chickens are becoming more and more of a staple. Chickens are also becoming popular as a pet and companion animal. Read Article
  • Cockatiels: Are They the Right Pet For You?

    Cockatiels: Are They the Right Pet For You?

    Cockatiels are a popular choice when it comes to pet birds. They're known for their bright facial coloring and long tail feathers and are fun to have around your house. Read Article
  • How To Keep Your Pet Bird Entertained

    How To Keep Your Pet Bird Entertained

    Do you ever worry that your bird is bored during the day when you are not there to entertain them? Here are some easy items and tricks to get to make your bird?s free time as enjoyable as possible. Read Article