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Item: For BLACK / XSMALL 24297

Brand: Aspen Pet

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If you're one busy pet parent, it can be tiresome to keep replenishing your pet's water supply. But with the Aspen Pet® Lebistro® Waterer, that's no longer an issue! This innovative, high-quality waterer slowly refills the water bowl as your pet drinks. The Lebistro Waterer's bowl has a spill-resistant lip that keeps floors dry and features a stable, twist-lock base that prevents tipping. Made from BPA-free plastic to keep your pets safe. Keep your pets hydrated 24/7 with the Lebistro Waterer.


*PRODUCT NOTE: While the Lebistro Base is dishwasher safe, the Lebistro Bottle is not. We recommend using a bottle brush and warm soapy water to clean.


For BLACK / XSMALL 5.6500X9.5000X9.7400
For BLACK / XSMALL 0.5 gal.
Product Weight
For BLACK / XSMALL 0.91 lb


  • Slowly dispense water
  • Prolongs the time between refills
  • Perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles
  • A stable, twist-lock base prevents tipping
  • Features a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe
  • Unscrew the bowl bottle for easy washing
  • Made in the USA