Petmate Booda Fresh N Floss Spearmint 3-Knot Rope Dog Toy

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Item: For GREEN / LARGE 52311

Brand: Booda

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With a Booda® Fresh N Floss®, Spearmint 3-Knot Rope you can keep your dogs' teeth and gums healthy while providing long-lasting tugging fun. Featuring mint-scented floss and baking soda, the tug toy fights plaque and controls tartar. Dogs stay happy and healthy with the non-invasive and non-irritating fibers that gently clean teeth and gums. The wax-coated nylon and durable all-natural cotton fibers hold up to games of tug-of-war and last longer without fraying. The three knots on the rope toy allow for better grip during tug-of-war. The Fresh N Floss toy is available in medium, large, and extra-large to accommodate all types of dogs.


For GREEN / LARGE 22.000X4.0000X2.5000
Weight Range
For GREEN / LARGE 44-85 lbs.
Product Weight
For GREEN / LARGE 0.63 lb


  • Keeps dogs teeth healthy
  • Non-invasive and gentle on gums 
  • 3-Knots for easy secure gripping
  • Long-lasting play
  • Great for tug-of-war