PetFusion Pet Step Window Perch Bookshelf

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The PetFusion Pet Step Window Perch Bookshelf is a pure white bookshelf with contrasting grey step pads and perch ideal for small cats and dogs that blend in seamlessly with modern home decor. The 28" tall, padded window perch provides a pet with the environmental enrichment they need and helps decrease anxiety, boredom, or negative emotions. Two premium storage baskets help declutter a home by storing a pet's toys, treats, & accessories or items around your house that need a home. Reversible to fit your home and space. Premium Ultra-cozy micro-fiber perch pad cover provides ultimate comfort and has a waterproof liner. The 8" stair height allows use for the smallest dogs and cats. High-quality carpeted step pads secure to the base with Velcro strips prevent slipping when climbing or descending from the perch. Durable polyester baskets provide storage while maintaining a clean look.

 Product note: 30 lb. max weight for top perch and and shelves. 100 lbs. max load for the total bookshelf.


For WHITE / ONE SIZE 39" x 12" x 28"
Weight Range
For WHITE / ONE SIZE Up to 30 lbs.
Product Weight
For WHITE / ONE SIZE 25.0 lb


  • 28” tall, padded window perch 
  • Two storage baskets for storing your pet’s toys
  • Ultra-cozy micro-fiber perch pad cover 
  • Reversible to fit your home and space
  • Put by a window to help curb anxiety 
  • 8-inch stair height for use by small dogs & cats