Petmate No Spill Kennel Cup

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Item: For GRAY / LARGE 29156

Brand: Petmate

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Petmate® No Spill Kennel Cups makes refilling your pet's water during travel easier than ever before. Designed to work universally for both wire and plastic kennels, the No Spill Kennel Cup features a small funnel that allows pet parents to refill their pet's water from the outside of the kennel without ever having to open the kennel door. The No Spill Rim at the top of the bowl prevents spills, keeping your dog comfortable and dry during travel. Made from durable plastic, Petmate No Spill Kennel Cups are BPA and lead-free. Keep your pet hydrated at all times during travel with Petmate No Spill Kennel Cups.


For GRAY / LARGE 5.3000X5.7700X4.0000
For GRAY / LARGE 21 oz.
Product Weight
For GRAY / LARGE 0.43 lb


  • Refill your pet's water from the outside without ever having to open the kennel door
  • Can also be used as a food bowl, if needed
  • No-Spill Rim prevents spills inside the kennel
  • Small holds up to 11 oz. of water
  • Large holds up to 21 oz. of water