Petmate No Spill Kennel Cup Double Diner

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Item: For GRAY / ONE SIZE 29155

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Petmate® No-Spill Kennel Cups make it easier to refill your pet's water during travel than ever before! The No-Spill Kennel Cup features a No-Spill Rim that keeps water in the cup and a funnel that allows you to fill up the cup from the outside, without ever having to open the kennel door. The No-Spill Kennel Cup is BPA and lead-free and works with most wire or plastic kennels.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: From the back, unscrew the bolt from the threaded piece. Next, remove the funnel piece and set it aside. Position cup on kennel door from inside and hold into position with one hand. Using your other hand, place the funnel back onto the threaded piece, then turn the bolt clockwise to tighten. Next, fill the kennel cup with fresh water.


For GRAY / ONE SIZE 6.6000X5.2600X3.7800
For GRAY / ONE SIZE 13 oz.
Product Weight
For GRAY / ONE SIZE 0.43 lb


  • Fits on wire crates and wire doors
  • Great for airline travel with your pet
  • Fill up water without opening kennel door
  • No spill rim