Chuckit! Super Crunch Ball

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Item: For BLUE / 1-PACK 50787

Brand: Chuckit

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The Chuckit!® Super Crunch Ball combines classic Chuckit! balls with a crackling, crunchy sound your dog will love! Designed to satisfy a dog's instinctual curiosity for sounds, the Super Crunch Ball has a patented crackle that is safely contained inside the ball and will not break down with use. Made with durable TPR, these Chuckit! Crunch Fetch Balls have a 2.5" diameter and are compatible with medium Chuckit! launchers.


For BLUE / 1-PACK 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 2.5" H
Product Weight
For BLUE / 1-PACK 0.18 lb


  • It Crackles ... Forever!
  • Patented crackle safely contained inside the ball
  • Will not break down with the use
  • Compatible with medium Chuckit! launchers