Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain

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Item: For BLACK / LARGE - 108 OZ. 24870

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Keep a dog or cat cool and hydrated, especially during warmer months, with Petmate's® Deluxe Fresh Flow® Pet Fountain. With its continuous flow or circulating, oxygenated water, your pet will have access to fresh water all day. The waterfall design encourages pets to drink more with a continuous flow of fresh water. Ideal for multiple-pet households. The automatic water bowl is equipped with a submersible pump and charcoal filter to oxygenate the water. Plugs easily into standard household outlets. Choose from two sizes: large (108 oz.) or jumbo (216 oz.). For maximum freshness, change the charcoal filter every 30 days to ensure a pet's water is as fresh and clean as possible.


For BLACK / LARGE - 108 OZ. 15.375X10.188X7.0000
For BLACK / LARGE - 108 OZ. 108 oz
Product Weight
For BLACK / LARGE - 108 OZ. 3.88 lb
One Year Limited


  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Innovative sloping design allows water to flow downward  
  • Reservoir and power cord detach for easy cleaning 
  • Provides fresh oxygenated water for your pet 
  • Automatic refill of bowl as your pet drinks water