Fat Cat Classic Incredible Strapping Yankers Dog Toy

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Item: For SNAKE / MEDIUM 660091

Brand: Fatcat

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FAT CAT® Classic Incredible Strapping Yankers® provide Strapping Strong Yankability! Like no other dog toy you've seen, the Incredible Strapping Yankers held up to nearly a half-ton of yanking in lab tests (think scientific, not retrievers here, folks). Choose the colorful Snake or Trout from this strapping strong line. Fortified by a tightly woven nylon strap inside. Speaker included!


For SNAKE / MEDIUM 2.5000X5.0000X14.300
Product Weight
For SNAKE / MEDIUM 0.44 lb


  • Strengthened by a tightly woven nylon strap 
  • Made for tuff chewers who love tug-o-war
  • Squeaker noise will attract your dog's attention
  • Great for solo play and interactive play
  • In testing held up to a half-ton of yanking