1.75" Tri Wing Kennel Screws

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Item: For CHROME/BLACK / 4 CT. 420253

Brand: Petmate

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Keep your pet's kennel in top shape with Tri-Wing Kennel Screws. This replacement hardware is designed to specifically fit various Petmate® kennels such as Navigator® kennels, Compass® kennels, Kennel Cab®, and Pet Taxi®. This hardware also fits other options from brands such as Petsmart Great Choice kennels, Petco Premium kennels, Bargain Hound kennels, and more. Select either the 4-count or 13-count that comes with screws measuring 1.75" L and the wing nuts you need to keep your kennel secure. Before purchasing, double-check the size and make of your kennel to determine if these will fit.


For CHROME/BLACK / 4 CT. 1.75" L
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For CHROME/BLACK / 4 CT. 0.1 lb