FAT CAT Mouse Hipster Kicker Cat Toy

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Brand: Fatcat

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Designed for all the cool cats out there, FAT CAT® Hipster Kickers give your cat something to kick and wrestle with. Made from a durable canvas material and measuring 8" long, FAT CAT Hipster Kickers are packed with organic Zoom Around the Room® Catnip that will drive even the coolest cat crazy! The durable canvas material stands up to play, making it the perfect cat toy for bunny kicks. The lightweight design also allows your cat to pick up the toy to carry off to hide and is gentle on your cat's mouth.


For MOUSE / ONE SIZE 8.0000X5.5000X1.7500
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For MOUSE / ONE SIZE 0.14 lb


  • Great for bunny kicks
  • Durable canvas material stands up to play
  • Packed with Zoom Around the Room Catnip