GAMMA2 NANO Automated Pet Feeder

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The NANO® by GAMMA2® is the only automated pet feeder that dispenses the right amount of pet food, every time. No other automated feeder is this intelligently designed for performance or ease of use. The Nano has made programming intuitive and set up easy. The powerful control panel offers an array of features enabling multiple preference settings. You can easily control the amount of food dispensed as well as feeding times and delivery speed. The Nano can notify you when food is running low, activate manual feed, preset up to six meal settings, and much more. A battery backup stores programs and operates the Nano in case of a power outage. For maximum freshness, the storage compartment's darker color limits light exposure while patented Gamma Seal Technology locks freshness in and keeps moisture out, helping to keep your pet's food fresher longer. The NANO's modern, sleek design matches most kitchen appliances. Uses a standard USB Power Supply and Micro USB Plus. As a power backup, the NANO uses 4 "AA" batteries (not included).


For BLACK / ONE SIZE 18.100X8.2000X12.750
For BLACK / ONE SIZE Up to 7 lbs.
Product Weight
For BLACK / ONE SIZE 3.5 lb


  • 7.5 lb. capacity
  • Precision portion control
  • Jam-proof food flow
  • Gamma Seal® Technology
  • Engineered to be easy to use
  • Intelligently designed for performance