Love Your Litterbox


There are things you can do on a regular basis to practice healthy litterbox management.

Replace Your Litterbox Once a Year

Odors can eventually penetrate plastics and resins. Plus, your cat's scratching alone takes a toll. We recommend you swap out your old litterbox for a new one once a year. Keep the old one nearby for a short transition period.

Multi Boxes For Multi Cats

Cats can get stressed when they have to share litterboxes. Most vets agree if you own more than one cat, you should have one more litterbox than the number of cats you own. So, for two cats, keep three litterboxes.

Practice Regular Scooping

Cats can be finicky about litterbox habits. If you don't manage it well, you'll find they are taking their business elsewhere. Litterboxes should be scooped once a day. Litter should be changed regularly, ranging from every other day to once weekly.

Make The Size Right

Consider your cat's size when determining which litterbox is the right one. Generally, your litterbox should be 1.5 times longer than your cat. They need room when eliminating, because they often stretch out and move around in the litterbox to cover their messes.

Location, Location

Many factors impact whether a cat feels safe enough to do their business. Make sure the litterbox is easily accessible and avoid putting it in places they would have a hard time accessing, particularly older cats with mobility issues. Be sure and keep it away from noisy, high-traffic areas and never place it near their food supply.