Chuckit! Air Fetch Wheel Dog Toy

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Brand: Chuckit

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Make Fetch Happen® with the Chuckit!® Air™ Fetch Wheel Dog Toy. Designed to help facilitate breathing and airflow into a dog's lungs while running and fetching allowing them to play longer. Ideal for brachycephalic breeds (short nose / flat face). Unleash your dog's natural chase instinct, the Air Fetch Wheel rolls on the ground like real prey as your dog chases after it. Great for playing on land or water - it floats! Made from durable rubber, this toy is gentle on your dog's mouth while the bright orange color makes it easy to find on land or in water.


For ORANGE / ONE SIZE 9.6500X7.6800X1.9700
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For ORANGE / ONE SIZE 0.53 lb


  • The patented design facilitates healthy airflow into your dog's lungs during fetch
  • Rolls on the ground like real prey
  • Makes fetch time last longer
  • Gentle on your dog's mouth