Chuckit! Pro Launcher

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Item: For PRO LAUNCHER / 18M 248201

Brand: Chuckit

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Throw farther, faster, and never bend down to pick up a slimy ball again with the Chuckit!® Pro Launcher. A durable plastic launcher that firmly grasps a ball and then releases it as you swing. Simply grab the comfortable handle, press down on the ball and let it fly. Easily picks up balls tossed into mud or water so you don't have to touch any dog slobber during games of fetch. Features a high-performance ergonomic grip handle for ultimate control. Includes one Chuckit! ball. The launcher size matches the size of Chuckit Ball. The 18M and 25M Launchers use a Medium Chuckit! ball (2.5" diameter) the 26L uses a Large Chuckit! ball (3" diameter) and the 26XL uses an Extra Large Chuckit! ball (3.5" diameter). Ships in assorted colors.


For PRO LAUNCHER / 18M 2.6250X3.6250X20.000
Product Weight
For PRO LAUNCHER / 18M 0.69 lb


  • Slobber-free pickup™
  • Durable lightweight flexible plastic
  • Great for fetch
  • Includes one ball
  • Multiple sizes available