JW Swatical Cat Toy

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The JW® Swatical is a paw-powered wobbling cat toy with feathers that is designed to keep your cat entertained while you're away. It has a weighted base that rolls around, back and forth, to which a pole is attached that has a string with a nest of feathers at the end. It spins and bobbles which keeps your cat busy, anticipating which way the feathers will sway next, creating never-ending attempts to swat and capture the feathers. Keep your kitty entertained with JW's Swatical Cat Toy!


For RED / ONE SIZE 9.7500x5.1250x2.6250
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For RED / ONE SIZE 0.34 lb


  • A paw-powered wobbling toy
  • it spins and bobbles and keeps your cat busy
  • Weighted base
  • Great way to exercise your cat's body and mind