Petmate Navigator Grow With Me Divider Kit

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Item: For BLACK / FITS 36" KENNELS 251064

Brand: Petmate

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The Petmate® Navigator® Grow-With-Me® Divider Kit includes divider and clips specifically for use with the Petmate Navigator Kennels in sizes 28", 32", 36" and 40". To ensure a proper fit, be sure to match your pet's kennel size with the appropriate size replacement divider kit. Kennel dividers allow you to adjust the living area of your pet's kennel as he grows from puppyhood to adulthood. Purchase the size kennel your puppy will need when he's full grown and use the divider to limit his living space to assist in housetraining.


For BLACK / FITS 36" KENNELS 25" X 10 7/8"
Product Weight
For BLACK / FITS 36" KENNELS 2.0 lb