Rustic Kitchen Collagen Retriever Rolls Chiicken Flavored Dog Treat

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Rustic Kitchen® Collagen Retriever Rolls Chicken Flavored Dog Treats are tailor-made for energetic chewers! Loaded with protein-rich collagen and designed for enduring satisfaction, these rolls are perfect for fostering good chewing habits for your dog. Their robust texture guarantees extended amusement, ensuring a dog stays entertained and content. Features a remarkable 20% more protein than other collagen chews. These rolls are great for bolstering muscle growth and overall well-being. They are free of artificial colors, preservatives, or rawhide, making them a healthier option for your dog.


For CHICKEN / 3 PACK 10"
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For CHICKEN / 3 PACK 0.75 lb


  • Free of artificial colors, preservatives, or rawhide
  • A healthier option for your dog
  • Improved digestibility and less digestive upset
  • Guilt-free long-lasting chew contains high protein but low calories.
  • Beef gelatin base supports dental, coat, skin, joint, muscle, and nail health.