Vittles Vault Elevated Storage Dog Feeder

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Item: For MOCHA / ONE SIZE 43551

Brand: Vittles Vault

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Give your dog the best mealtime experience with Vittles Vault's Elevated Storage Feeder. Convenience meets freshness with this 2-in-1 solution for elevated feeding and fresh food storage. The intelligent design creates a comfortable easting position and reduces joint strain. Measuring 14.5" H, it is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs. Improves digestion and minimizes gastrointestinal problems. Hidden under the two 12-cup stainless-steel bowls is a 50-lb. dry food capacity storage compartment that uses Gamma Seal Technology to keep your dog's food fresher, and longer.

Gamma Seal Technology keeps food fresh longer with a threaded locking system and reliable double gaskets that create a Controlled Moisture Balance inside the storage compartment. Good moisture is locked in while harmful moisture is locked out keeping food fresh. Includes two removable 12-cup stainless steel bowls.


For MOCHA / ONE SIZE 25.510X14.000X14.470
Product Weight
For MOCHA / ONE SIZE 5.25 lb


  • Controlled Moisture Balance
  • Airtight engineering 
  • 50 lb. dry food capacity
  • Two stainless steel bowls (12-cup)
  • Pest Proof, food-safe, BPA-free