Vittles Vault Wall Mount Food Storage Containers

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Item: For GRANITE STONE / 45 LB 4445

Brand: Vittles Vault

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Save space and keep your pet's food fresher longer with Vittles Vault® Wall Mount Food Storage Containers. This off-the-floor storage solution gets pet food up off the floor and maximizes the floor space available in your garage, laundry room, or shed. The Vittles Vault Wall Mount Food Storage Container features our patented Gamma Seal™ Technology which creates a Controlled Moisture Balance state locking good moisture in and keeping harmful moisture out. Engineered with strength and durability in mind, Vittles Vaults are made with food-safe BPA-free plastic and are made to keep pests out! Give your pet the best and keep every piece of kibble fresh and tasty.

PRODUCT NOTE: Capacity guidelines are based on the shape and density of kibble and feed. When in doubt, round up to the next size.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend thoroughly washing and drying your Vittles Vault Container regularly. Over time, oils absorb into the plastic, which can cause food to become rancid.


For GRANITE STONE / 45 LB 12.000X12.000X22.500
For GRANITE STONE / 45 LB up to 45 lbs.
Product Weight
For GRANITE STONE / 45 LB 5.4 lb


  • Easy-to-install Wall Mounting Kit included
  • Gamma Seal™ Technology lid
  • keeps food fresher longer
  • Food Safe & BPA-free
  • Pest proof