Wild Eats Twisted Cheek Wrapped With Meat

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Item: For WATER BUFFALO / 2 PACK 44016R

Brand: Wild Eats

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Wild Eats® Twisted Cheek with Jerky, is the perfect treat to satisfy a dog's cravings. This 8-9" dog treat is packed with flavor and nutrition, ensuring a happy and healthy dog. Each is crafted from premium high-quality ingredients sourced from grass-fed, free-range water buffalo with no chemicals, preservatives, additives, or hormones. Our twisted cheek adds a fun and unique twist to the chewing experience, keeping a dog engaged and entertained. The addition of the delicious jerky enhances the taste, making it an irresistible treat for even the pickiest of dogs.


For WATER BUFFALO / 2 PACK 1.5" x 1.4" X 8.9"
Product Weight
For WATER BUFFALO / 2 PACK 0.28 lb


  • Natural water buffalo
  • One source protein
  • Free-range & grass-fed
  • Gluten-free & grain-free
  • No additives or preservatives