Have you ever noticed that your dog sleeps in the same position at night? Your day may curl up into a donut or sprawl out on its tummy like Superman. There are many reasons for this but the main reasons depend on your dog's surroundings, personality, and breed. As pet parents, we always want to ensure we provide our pets with the best so they can have a happy and healthy life. However, going into the pet store and seeing all the dog bedding options and styles can be overwhelming. So, keep reading to learn more about what your dog's sleep position means and the best type of dog bed for that sleep position.


dog sleeping on its stomach

The Superman sleep position is when a dog lays on its stomach with its legs stretched out behind them and their arms stretched out in front of them while sleeping soundly. It was named this because it is very similar to the Superman stance that we commonly see in superhero comics. Dogs that sleep in this position tend to be smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Terriers, and puppies. Sometimes dogs use this sleep position to cool down by laying on cool surfaces during warmer months. Dogs typically have less fur on their underside which lets them cool down by laying on cool surfaces during warmer months. Since dogs who sleep in the Superman position are usually trying to cool off, an Elevated pet bed would be beneficial to them. Elevated dog beds usually have sleep surfaces that are made of mesh. This allows air to flow through the mesh material, keeping your dog cool and comfortable.


dog sleeping on its back

The Sprawler sleep position is when a dog sleeps on its back with all four paws up in the air. While this position leaves dogs in a vulnerable position, dogs that sleep in this position tend to be very comfortable and secure with their surroundings and feel safe in their environment. If your dog is a sprawler, he or she would benefit from a Lounger Dog Bed. Lounger dog beds come in rectangular or oval shapes with bolsters to give your dog something to press up against. Dogs like to feel secure and protected while they sleep. Beds with bolsters provide something that will press up against your dogs' backs, ensuring they feel safe and secure as they sleep. You'll want to make sure the bed you get has plenty of cushion in it to support your dog's back and spine as they sleep. Since Sprawlers sleep on their back, they are applying pressure to their spines and backs throughout the night. If you get a bed that does not have enough cushion, your dog could wake up with an achy back.


dog sleeping curled up in a ball

Another popular sleeping position is The Donut. Dogs who sleep in this position typically burrow first and then curl up as tight as possible. Dog breeds with shorter hair or thinner coats tend to sleep in this position because it helps regulate body heat. This sleep position is also popular with smaller dog breeds because it makes them feel safe and secure. The best bed for the donut sleeping position would be a circle-shaped bed with high walls surrounding the bed. The higher walls will help keep your dog's body heat in the bed while also helping to make your dog feel safe. The Aspen Pet Self-Warming Oval Lounger is a great dog bed option if you've got a small donut sleeper. The high walls, warm faux lamb wool sleep surface, and self-heating features keep your dog warm, cozy, and feeling safe all night long.


dog sleeping on its side

The most common dog sleeping position is the Side Sleeper, which is when a dog sleeps on its side with its 4 legs extended. Medium-sized to larger dog breeds tend to sleep in this position. Dogs who sleep in this position are usually relaxed, comfortable, and trust their surroundings. The best bedding options for side sleepers are Styled Dog beds or even Orthopedic Dog beds.

Pillow Dog Beds are like giant human pillows for dogs. They're great for dogs that like to burrow before they go to sleep and are usually made for larger dog breeds. Aspen Pet offers a large line of pillow beds with a variety of patterns and colors.

Over time, the filling inside pillow beds can become flat with your pet's weight. While pillow beds are a great short-term option, orthopedic dog beds are perfect for a long-term solution. Orthopedic dog beds are like human mattresses for dogs. They are usually filled with memory foam and feature a flat design that makes a long and wide sleep surface for side sleepers while providing the ultimate support for your dog's bones and muscles. La-Z-Boy's line of dog beds are great options for side sleepers with their large designs and human-grade, quality foam.

You want to always ensure you provide what your dog needs as their parent. As dog owners, we are gifted with our happy attitudes and friendship no matter what. The least we can do in return is give them the gift of comfort that supports their natural sleeping style. Click here to shop for your dog's new bed!


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