Clear the Shelters day is coming up on August 17th! With the goal of making this the best Clear the Shelters day ever, we’re sharing our favorite tips on how you can clear your own local shelter on Saturday for Clear the Shelters day!

1. Make Flyers For Your Favorite Shelter Dog

If you regularly volunteer at a local shelter, now is a great time to make fun flyers highlighting your favorite shelter dog’s features. Getting dogs adopted is as much about publicity as anything else, so pinning up your pup’s flyer at local cafes or schools will really do wonders.

If you can get several posters up before August 17th, it will also give potential adopters at least one dog they know they’ll want to visit when they come in for Clear The Shelters Day!

2. Foster a Pup in Need

Many dogs get stressed by the shelter environment end up having their behavior deteriorate as a result. You’d be surprised how many mouthy, jumpy, pulling dogs become perfect angels as soon as they are in a quiet home as opposed to the loud, overwhelming shelter environment.

Consider opening your home up to a foster dog and showing them the ropes of what life is like in a loving home. You just may be the one to help a shelter pup find their forever home!

3. Photograph Local Shelter Pups For Some Canine Re-Branding

While we aren’t all master photographers, those who do have experience in photography can have a huge impact on the lives of shelter pets.

Most shelter pets don’t have the best online profile pics. Many times a shelter dog’s photo is taken when the animal first comes in – they’re scared, dirty, and sometimes all skin and bones. These photos definitely don’t capture the dog’s best side!

If you’ve ever had to engage in online dating, you know that photos really really matter. Getting a professional photo with the right lighting and angles can turn a swipe left into a swipe right!

Which pup would you be more excited to visit at the shelter?

Professional (or amateur) photographers can use their photo skills to capture shelter dogs in their best light, showcasing their charm and personality! The right photo can drive a potential adopter to come in and meet the pup they connected with online.

4. Volunteer at Your Local Shelter on Weekend (But Especially Aug 17)

Most shelters are pretty short staffed, so it can be difficult for shelter workers to give hands-on attention to every potential adopter that walks through the doors. This is a shame though, since individuals are more likely to adopt a dog when a volunteer is there to help answer questions.

The choice paradox theorizes that humans are actually more stressed when they have too many choices, and a packed shelter is a great example of choice overload! Helping narrow the huge pool of dogs for a potential adopter just might be the thing that lands a pup in their forever home.

Your local shelter will definitely benefit from your help on August 17th, but if you have the time to regularly volunteer on the weekends, that’ll be great too! Most shelters have the highest number of visitors and potential adopters on weekends and holidays, so your presence as a volunteer will be hugely beneficial on those days!

Will you be helping out your local shelter on August 17th? Do you have any other ideas about how to make this Clear the Shelters day the best yet?

About the Author: Meg Marrs is the Founder of K9 of Mine, a website devoted to helping owners take the very best care of their fur friends.

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