Taking care of your dog is a labor of love. But it’s still work. That’s why Petmate offers a wide variety of useful pet products that make taking care of your dog a little easier, from taking car rides to making sure that your dog stays hydrated. Below you’ll find a selection of helpful products that are great for easing the workload that comes with being a dog owner.

1. Petmate Vehicle Hammock

an image of a dark blue vehicle seat cover
Petmate vehicle seat cover


Just as sure as dogs will shed in your car, they love to go for rides in the car. This handy Petmate Vehicle Hammock creates a secure space for your dog. So it will also keep him from getting fur or dirt all over your car’s seats. The hammock has loops that go over the headrests in the back and front seats. This will keep your dog – and his fur – in one spot during car rides. Your dog will feel comfortable and secure. The best part of all is that you won’t have to vacuum!

2. Petmate Replendish Pet Waterers

a group image of silver, green, blue, and gray Petmate Replendish Pet Waterers showing the different colors available and the different sizes.
Petmate Gravity Waterers


Your dog is a thirsty guy – or gal. So it can be hard to keep his water bowl full all the time with fresh and clean water. Fortunately, Petmate offers Replendish Pet Waterers in a variety of sizes and colors for pet parents to choose from. The Petmate Replendish Waterer is a useful pet product. It provides pets with fresh and clean water 24/7 with its charcoal filters that remove debris and impurities sometimes found in tap water. But for more protection, each base is made with Microban Antimicrobial Protection which inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. Now you can leave your dog at home without worrying about whether he’ll have enough to drink!

3. Petmate Pet Steps

an image of a small dog on the Petmate Pet Steps
Petmate Pet Steps are a useful pet product

Why might your dog need Petmate Pet Steps? If she’s not moving around like she used to, Petmate Pet Steps offers your small or elderly dog a way to get onto the bed, sofa, and other raised surfaces without having to jump up or down. These steps are a single plastic piece and lightweight to move easily from place to place. They have no-slip fabric on each step and non-skid rubber feet to prevent the steps from sliding. Help your little guy get around the house and be closer to you, without having to pick him up all the time.

4. Petmate Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness

an image of a dog sitting down wearing a red Step-In Dog Harness
Petmate Adjustable Dog Harness 

So when it’s time for a walk, you don’t have extra time to spare, especially if your dog gets super excited about walks! That’s why the Petmate Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness is designed to make getting in and out a snap! Just lay the open harness flat on the ground, have your dog step his front paws into the openings, and then pull the harness up around his chest and secure it! An easy-to-use buckle makes securing the harness simple, even when your dog is restless.

5. Petmate Single Door Exercise Pen

an image of a Petmate Exercise Pen for Dogs on a white background
Petmate Exercise Pen for Dogs

Exercise pens are especially useful for keeping puppies in one area of your home when you don’t have a chance to keep an eye on them 100% of the time. Made of durable wire, the Petmate Exercise Pen is easy to set up and provides your dog with a dedicated play space when you’re taking care of other businesses. When you’re not using it, it easily folds up for easy storage. Add some of your pup’s favorite toys, a potty pad, and a bowl of water and your dog will be entertaining herself without getting into things she shouldn’t be!


Having a dog can be a lot of hard work. That’s why at Petmate, we make pet products that are designed to improve the lives of pets and their owners to help pet’s live happy and healthy lives! Shop the entire Petmate collection today at https://www.petmate.com.

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