Even on our worst days, our dogs and cats give us unconditional love. No matter our mood, they love us and show it in their own unique ways. But how can we return the same affection in a way they understand? Below are five ways to show your dog or cat you truly care about them.

1. Groom Your Pet

All dogs and cats should be regularly groomed. Cats even spend half their waking hours grooming themselves! But sometimes they need a little help. Spend a bit of extra time brushing through your pets’ fur to give them extra attention. Using the right grooming supplies and necessities will make the experience a comforting one. Your pets may even consider it a massage! The combing and brushing will leave your pet’s fur mat-free, their skin clear, and it will increase the bond between you and your pet. Good grooming involves bathing. Check out common bath time mistakes to avoid.

2. Exercise Your Pet

Exercising your pet is important to keep them healthy and enriches your pets’ lives. Walking, running, playing fetch, or learning agility tricks will keep your dog physically fit. For cats, try playing together with a cat wand to get some exercise into your cat's schedule. Some cats even enjoy taking walks wearing a harness and leash.

3. Give your pet a gift

Some dogs can’t get enough of their toys, some may want treats or a trip to the dog park. Do something that will make your dog’s day, whatever that may be. Sometimes, it's as simple as upgrading your dog's feeding and watering supplies, especially if their current set has been around since day one. For cats, set up a cat tree or install a bird feeder outside their favorite window for them to watch. An indoor water fountain is another way to show appreciation to both your cats and dogs. Some will enjoy playing with the water, others like the sound and flow which will entice your pets to drink more water.

4. Learn their language

Dogs and cats have their own language and are trying to communicate with you. Learn what your pet is trying to tell you with the sounds they make, and their body language. Your pets will know you love them when you respond to their language appropriately.

Once you know their language, pay attention to what they want. Are they telling you they don’t like to go to the dog park? Or is your cat saying she loves it when you play with her? Fill your schedule doing things your pet wants to do.

5. Give them attention

All pets want to know they are loved. Sometimes our lives can get hectic and we don’t give them the attention they desire. While treats and toys can be a bonus, nothing beats spending time with you. Find out what makes your pets feel the most loved. For dogs, it could be a nice belly rub, while a cat may want some extra time in your lap while you scratch under their chin.

When we return home from being out of the house, the first to greet us are our pets. Whether your cat wants to snuggle up on the couch, or your dog won’t leave your side, they show they love us at all hours of the day. Giving back that love expresses to them that we care, and sets the foundation for a happy, lasting relationship for years to come.


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