If the title of this article has caught your eye, it means one of two things – you either plan on adopting a cute little pet, or you have just done that. But regardless of what stage you’re in, you’ll sure benefit from reading this article. Not only will you learn how breeds and names correlate, but you will also discover the best online resources to help you on your name hunt. If that’s exactly what you need, let’s move on to the next paragraph.

Why name is important?

To start, it’s a good idea to take some time and think of the most suitable name for your four-legged friend instead of just naming it Fido or Lassie. There is nothing wrong with those names, but it seems like every third dog in the US responds to these names once you call it out. So if you want to bring in some individuality and ensure that the name of your dog goes well with its breed, then you’re in the right place.

How do breeds and name groups correlate?

Let’s play a funny game. Imagine a Yorkshire Terrier and think about how you would feel if his name was Hulk or Thor. Are you surprised, confused, or both? It’s just not the best fit. Now take a 30-second break and imagine a massive Scottish Mastiff. How would you feel to find out the name of this huge dog is Mimi or Cookie? Chances are good that you would experience at least a tiny portion of perplexity or a good chuckle. These are good examples of why you should consider the breed of your dog, and other physical characteristics, when thinking of the perfect name.

Feel free to keep it cute if your four-legged friend is on the list of small dog breeds. At the same time, don’t shy away from strong and impressionable names if your dog is a large breed and you have no doubts that such a name will be fitting.

What are the sources of inspiration?

Sometimes, but not that often, people know the perfect name for their four-legged friends long before they even decide to adopt them. Some good places to start might be a name from a favorite children's movie or a book or a fairy tale. If that’s your style, the task is getting increasingly simple. But if it’s not a name that’s inspired by a hobby or personal interest, then you’ll benefit from a little inspiration. So what are the best places to go when all names seem to be either too commonly used or just don’t seem to fit your pooch’s personality?

There’re plenty of websites featuring lists of great names for your dog. However, these lists might be too long and frustrating. To narrow your search down, Google ‘best names for a particular breed’ or ‘best names for little/big dogs’ instead of searching for ‘best names for dogs’. This way, you’ll filter names that are more targeted to what you have in mind.

To make a conclusion to all said above, it should be mentioned that no experts or lists of names will help you better than your own intuition. As soon as you meet a puppy that will be your best friend for years, you should listen to your heart and give it a name that sounds right to you. If you decide your small dog is “Hulk”, or your Great Dane is a “Tiny”, as long as it makes you smile and him wiggle his tail, you’ll both live happily together for many years.

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