If your dog could speak, what would they request in the backyard for the ultimate puppy paradise? While you may be enjoying things such as a new grill, fire pit, or new pool, your dog deserves things that will make the other dogs go barking mad. Ever thought of loading your backyard with a variety of dog products your dog will enjoy? From dog houses, raised cots, pools, to toys, there are tons of things your dog will be surely excited to discover in your backyard. Get inspired by these ideas to get your yard up to standards.


Their own house

The dog house is making a comeback with a 21st -century twist. While the classic Petmate Dogloo will never go out of style, today's dog house designs offer eye-catching, stylish tiny homes for your pooch. Backyard dog houses are perfect for an afternoon nap or a safe get-a-way from the house. These are perfect for senior dogs who might want a peaceful, relaxing escape. If an igloo or cabin isn't exactly your (or your dog's) cup of tea, we have plenty of other dog house styles and models to choose from. You can even furnish your pup's pad with our collection of assorted dog house accessories, including mats, doors, and more.


Raised Cots

While in the backyard you like to relax on a comfy lawn chair or recliner so why not treat your pet to the same luxury. A Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Bed allows smart air-flow comfort in keeping your pet comfortable and off muddy, wet, or hot grounds.


Pool Party!

Many dogs love to play, splash, and swim in cool water to refresh, including small dogs! Add a dog-sized pool in your backyard for ultimate brownie points. Whether you get the cheap pool from your local grocery store or an animal-specific pool place it on a level surface and make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges. Many dogs just like to plop down so make sure it is big enough to lay down. If you already have a pool this is a way to keep pet hair out of it and ensure the safety of your dog and human swimmers.


Floating Toys


Make the pool the place to be for all the neighborhood pups with supplying your pet with floating toys. The Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper floats and is a toys that multiple dogs can enjoy! And you can’t tell me that this pool isn’t the #UltimateGoals. There are plenty of toys and items that are perfect for smaller dogs too.


The best place to play fetch is in the backyard! Grab a Chuckit Hydrosqueeze Bumper and get to throwing! The Hydrosqueeze line holds in water and releases hen your dog fetches for a refreshing way to play in the hot summer months! If your dog isn’t a fetcher, try creating an agility obstacle course filled with jumps, ramps, and tunnels. As always make sure these are animal appropriate and have no sharp edges.


The backyard is already a haven for most dogs but take it up a notch and make it the ultimate relaxation station for your four-legged family member.

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