For dogs, a kennel is much more than four walls and a roof. A kennel can become a cozy home for dogs to call their own, a personal space where they can relax, and a great travel accessory. They also serve as effective training tools for puppies and make car and air travel safer. There are a variety of styles to consider when choosing a kennel for your dog. But before you add a plastic kennel or wire crate to your new dog checklist, it’s important to understand some sizing basics.

Measuring Your Dog To Find the Right Sized Kennel


an infographic displaying how to measure a dog for their kennel size


Choosing the right size kennel is vital. First, measure your dog from the top of his head to the floor, then from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. You don't have to include your dog's tail in your measurement. The height of the kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and longer than your pet so there is space to fully stand up, easily turn around, and lie down.

Too small and your pet will be uncomfortable and ignore his kennel. Too large and the kennel may not be effective as a training tool, allowing him to go to the bathroom on one side and sleep on the other. Many of our Petmate kennels come with a Grow-With-Me divider to accommodate your growing dog from puppyhood to adulthood. A divider allows you to buy a kennel and have it meet your dog’s needs for years to come.

Wire Crates

Wire crates are ideal in-home training aids and are often considered essential when bringing home a new dog. They offer complete visibility for the pet and pet parent and provide better ventilation than a plastic kennel. When you want your floor space back, most wire crates fold down for easy and convenient storage. The Precision Pet ProValu 2 Door Wire Crate comes with a removable leak-proof pan that’s great for potty training your puppy and easy to clean. The two-door system makes it versatile depending on how the crate will be situated in your home. For more options, feel free to check out our large selection of wire dog crates in various sizes.

Once your dog is housebroken you may want to cozy up his crate with a kennel mat. Our Petmate Kennel Mats are made with soft plush material for a luxurious feel that will make your dog’s house a coveted home.

Plastic Kennels

Dogs are naturally denning animals. Plastic kennels nurture this natural instinct for a secure and private area. When it’s time to travel, especially in peak holiday times, plastic kennels are the safest way to transport your dog and most airlines require your dog to be transported in a hard plastic kennel. The Petmate Sky Kennel has 360 degrees of ventilation so your dog can breathe easily and includes built-in food and water cups for the long trip ahead. There is also a dedicated space for identification labels, which is also required by most airlines.


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