Don't let the dog days of summer leave you and your pup feeling bored! With the weather nice and toasty, there are endless possibilities to have plenty of summer fun with your pup – from hiking to creating your very own waterpark in your backyard! If you're looking for some inspiration for things to do with your dog this summer, keep reading to get some great ideas of things to do with your dog!

One thing to note as you're finding some activities to do with dogs this summer is to keep COVID precautions in mind as well as restrictions and regulations in your area. Some parks and other spots may not be open or have limited hours or capacity, so be sure to look into wherever you're going ahead of time and wear a mask when it's required!

6 Summer Activities To Do With Dogs

1. Dog Beach

There's no better place to be in the summer than the beach! If heading to the water is one of your favorite summer pastimes, you may want to consider bringing your pup along with you! Before you head out, double check to make sure that the beach you plan to visit to dog friendly, since not every beach allows four-legged friends. Also keep in mind how strong of a swimmer your dog is. Has he or she had a lot of experience in the water or not so much? You'll want to be keeping an eye on them at all times but especially if they're not 100% confident in the water! If your dog is a good swimmer, you may want to bring along some toys that they can fetch from the water like the Chuckit! Amphibious Roller.

2. Dog-friendly BBQ

Do you have other friends or family members with dogs? Consider throwing a dog-friendly BBQ at your house or a friend's! Be sure everyone is comfortable with this idea before making it a big event. If everyone is on board, be sure you have a spacious place to host where the guests and their dogs will plenty of room to visit with each other and play. This can be a great chance to catch up with friends, old and new, as well as help your dog socialize! It's the perfect activity for dogs in the summer!

3. Hike

If your dog loves going for walks, you might want to consider taking them along for a longer hike! Only do this, though, if you think your dog is up to it. If your dog is older, slower, or has any kind of mobility issues, you shouldn't force them on a long hike. Make sure that you pay special attention to the forecast before you head out. If the temperatures are looking extremely hot, you should opt for a day that's a little cooler instead. You don't want you or your dog to overheat! It's also a good idea to find trails that are shaded or at least partially shaded. Even if the weather isn't too hot, walking and hiking in the sun for a long period of time will easily wear out your dog. Bringing a travel bowl along on your hike is never a bad idea to ensure that your dog stays hydrated.

4. Dog Parks

Dog parks are always a good idea when you're looking for a fun and simple outing for your and your furry friend. Just be sure that you follow proper dog park etiquette such as being mindful or the park's posted rules, picking up after your dog, and paying attention to him or her at all times to ensure they are behaving appropriately. Dog parks are a great way to help your dog socialize with other pups while getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time!

5. Drive-in Movie

While a movie may be more of an activity for you rather than your dog, you can still bring your dog along for the fun! Drive-in movies are great for spending a night under the stars and bringing your dog along with you will be a good bonding opportunity. Be sure to bring some treats along for your pup to enjoy while you snack on popcorn.

6. At-home Waterpark

a dog playing in a sprinkler


Our last summer activity for dogs is creating your own at-home waterpark! If you're not much of a beach person and have a decent sized backyard, this is a great alternative for staying cool while you're outside on hot days. If your dog loves to fetch, the Chuckit! Amphibious Fetch Toys are dog toys that can be filled with fresh water, so that when your dog goes to fetch the toy, fresh water releases as your dog bites down. Those who have young children will likely already own fun outdoor water toys that your dog can run and splash through such as kiddie pools or water playsets. If you don't own any of these items, no worries! You can use hoses, sprinklers, or even get a dog-specific pool just for them!

These coming months, find creative ways to spend time and bond with your furry friend by trying out one or more of these things to do with your dog in summer!



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