Whether you're already a cat owner or you are thinking of adopting a new kitty into your home, cat beds are a necessity for your furry friend! While cats can sleep almost anywhere, you shouldn't assume that any spot around your home is comfy! A cat-specific bed can provide them with warmth, shelter, comfort, and privacy that they need for a good rest, especially if your cat is older or living in a noisy home with young children.

In this article, we're going to cover some of the best cat beds that you can purchase for your pet, so keep reading to get some great ideas!


Did you know there are different types of cat beds for various types of needs? That's right – different cats may need different things when it comes to getting good sleep, so it's important to be familiar with the different types of cat beds that are available in order to pick out the perfect option for your feline friend!


a cat sitting in a white colored cat cave bed

Cat Caves are the first type of cat bed we're going to cover. So, what is a cat cave, exactly? Cat caves are essentially little "hideout" spots for your cat. Their design provides your cat with a bit of shelter, so that your cat feels safe and secure while sleeping in their little cave. These types of beds are a great choice for kittens, cats who may be a bit shy, and for cats who like to sleep under your bed or covers. Cat caves are available in a wide variety of styles and size options. Some of them are completely covered with an opening for your cat to crawl in to, while others are more like tunnels they can sleep inside.


a La-Z-Boy Orthopedic Cat Bed product image on a white background

The next type of cat bed we're going to cover are orthopedic beds. These are designed more specifically for older cats and cats with joint or mobility issues. Many of them feature thick foam and padding that is more comfortable than what you'd find in a traditional cat bed. Orthopedic cat beds usually have a design that's similar to mattresses that are wide and flat. This helps to eliminate pressure in areas of your cat's body that may be under stress. Another feature of an orthopedic cat bed is that they are slightly higher off the ground than a typical cat bed. This helps your kitty climb up into a bed vs. crouching down low to crawl under something.


a cat laying down on a Aspen Pet Self-Warming Cat Bed

Self-warming cat beds are some of the most popular types of cat beds! As the name implies, a self-warming cat bed is one that is made with specific materials that reflects your cat's own body heat back to them, keeping your cat toasty in cooler temps! Cats love heat and sleep best when they're warm, so a self-heating cat bed is always a great option! If you live in a colder climate or somewhere with harsh winters, this bed is the way to go to ensure your cat stays warm.


When choosing the right bed for your cat, there are a few other things that you should think about as well:

1. Material: What kind of material is the bed made out of? If your cat has claws, will the material be easily ripped or damaged if your cat kneads on it? Also, is the material scratchy and likely to irritate your cat? You'll want to consider these things as you're picking out a cat bed. You don't want to get something that your cat won't sleep on!

2. Size and placement: Do you have a certain spot in mind where you're hoping to put the cat bed? Be sure to measure so that you can get something that's the appropriate size, especially if you're ordering a cat bed online and aren't able to see it in person. Also make sure that you're getting something that your cat will fit in. A bed that's too big might not be very cozy for them and they won't be comfortable on something too small either.

3. Cleaning: It's also a good idea to find something that will be easy to wash and clean. After all, you'll want to be sure that your pet isn't sleeping in a dirty, smelly bed! Some beds have removable covers that are easy to stick in the wash and freshen up when needed.

Make sure your cat stays comfortable through their cat naps and time lounging with a cat bed that's right for them! No two cats are the same, so take their age and unique needs into consideration when choosing a bed that will keep them cozy through all of their naps!


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