It's no secret that dogs enjoy getting out of the house and going on field trips with you. Whether it's running to the store or going to the park for the day, almost every dog enjoys sticking their head out the car window and letting the wind run through their fur. However, there are times in life when getting in and out of the car can become difficult for your dog and hard on your dog's body. So, here are 4 signs to help you know when it's time to get your dog a vehicle pet ramp to help make getting in and out of the car easy and effortless.

1. Old Age

Did you know that between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, most dogs are considered seniors? Identifiers such as size, weight, breed, and the state of their organs help veterinarians determine if your dog has reached their senior years (Elfenbein, 2019). Typically, larger breeds age a lot faster than smaller breeds and end up needing some extra help as they get older. Making your senior pet jump in and out of the car can lead to broken legs or spinal injuries. To help prevent these types of injuries, look into purchasing a Vehicle Pet Ramp that will help your dog get in and out of the car quick and effortlessly. You can read more about caring for older pets here.

2. Car Anxiety & Fear

While most dogs enjoy car rides, there are some that have anxiety when it comes to car rides and simply won't make the jump. A couple reasons your dog may not jump into the car may be the fact that they are scared of the car, or may have had a bad experience in a car before. Another reason may be that they simply don't know how to jump. While some dogs will allow you to pick them up and place them inside the car, there are some who don't like to be picked up or may be too heavy to pick up. When this happens, try using a pet ramp and a treat to guide your dog into the car. Using a treat as a quide and a reward will show your dog that the car is not scary, while the pet ramp will make both of your lives that much easier.

3. Size

Puppies and smaller dog breeds may be intimidated by the size of your car, which may prevent them from jumping up into or out of the car. If you see that your dog is wagging his tail and jumping up on his hindlegs, but stopping short of making the jump, you'll probably need to get him a pet ramp so that they can get in and out with ease. Also, smaller breeds (i.e. dachshunds) are more prone to spinal injuries because of their long backs, so jumping from a higher place like a truck or SUV could end up being dangerous for your small dog.

4. Arthritis, Weak Joints, etc.

Jumping in and out of cars can be very painful for dogs who have arthritis or other bone and body problems. Since there is no cure for arthritis, using a vehicle pet ramp to continue taking your dog on trips with you is a great solution to helping your dog get in and out of the car pain-free!


There are a lot of pet ramps on the market to choose from, but not all are safe. You should always look for these 4 Key Features in a pet ramp to make sure it's safe and sound for your dog.



1. A Wide Walking Path: You'll want to make sure that the ramp you choose has a walking path that's more than 12 inches wide. The wider the ramp, the safer your dog will feel while going up and down the ramp.

2. Slip-Resistance Surface: Your ramp should have some type of treading so that your dog's paws are not slipping and sliding while they use the ramp. Whether it's faux grass, carpet, or a sandpaper textured thread, your dog will feel a lot more comfortable using the ramp is there is something for them to grip that creates traction to help keep them safe.

3. A Lightweight, Convenient Design: Your ramp should be lightweight enough so that it's not a struggle for you when you maneuver it. Convenient features you should look for in your ramp is a carry handle for you, a ramp that folds up when it's not in use for easy storage, and a locking clip to keep it from opening up on its own.

4. A Safety Anchor Attachment: For SUV and truck use, your ramp should have an anchor tether that attaches to your trunk anchor in your vehicle. This will keep the ramp from sliding off your bumper while in use and will keep your dog safe.


Lucky for you, our Pet Ramps have all of the features listed above! Designed with your pet's safety in mind, all of our ramp's walking paths are 16 inches wide and have sizes available for all vehicle types. Plus, they hold dogs up to 250 pounds! So don't let old age stop you from taking your dog with you.



Gen7Pets offers a variety of pet ramps for SUV's, trucks, crossovers, and other types of vehicles where your pet may ride in the back. The Feather Lite Ramp (pictured below) has a sandpaper surface that keeps your dog from slipping and sliding as they use the ramp. Measuring 6 feet long, the Feather Lite Ramp can be used with most SUV's, trucks, etc. However, if you have a lift kit on your vehicle, you may need a ramp that is longer depending on how high your vehicle is lifted. Remember, the higher your vehicle is off the ground, the steeper the ramps becomes for your dog, which could make them feel unsafe.


Another great option is the regular Natural Step Ramp by Gen7Pets. This pet ramp is also 6 feet long, but has a faux grass surface that helps make dogs feel even more secure while using the ramp.



Gen7Pets also offers ramps for cars and minivans. Another great option is the Indoor Carpet Mini Ramp (pictured below). Plus it great for indoor use too!



Even though they may be a little slower, they will still enjoy getting out of the house and spending time with you. Use a pet ramp to keep the field trips with your dog going so that they can enjoy their golden years and continue to experience life by your side.




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